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Eibsee Elopement in the Bavarian Alps

For an elopement in the Bavarian Alps, Eibsee is an evergreen gem. I’ve planned and documented elopements at this location in all four seasons and it is always beautiful and accessible. Due to Eibsee’s accessibility and popularity, it’s a location best suited for sunrise to avoid the crowds. Between May and October, expect lots of other people to be walking the trails!

Eibsee elopements in the Bavarian Alps across the seasons

Every season in the Bavarian Alps has its pros and cons. Personally, I find all months with the exception of April and very early May to be great. This is mostly due to how frozen and, for lack of a better word, dead everything still is. Most of the lake will be thawed, but water levels are low and nothing is green or blooming yet.

NOTE: I’m defining the seasons below based on the elevation of Eibsee itself, and not the towering Zugspitze summit nearby.

Eibsee elopement in summer (June, July, August)

Summer elopements at Eibsee are perfect for anyone who wants a full day elopement. It’s a great location to start your day before moving on to other nearby locations. You can easily take the cable car up to the Zugspitze summit from the lake, or drive to the Neuschwanstein castle in Füssen.

PROS: warm, green, comfortable, swimming, long days

CONS: crowds

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Eibsee elopement in autumn (September, October, November)

Autumn is such a perfect time of year for an Eibsee elopement in the Bavarian Alps. The days are the perfect length for an 8 hour elopement day and tend to still have pleasant temperatures and dry weather. If you love fall colors, Eibsee is truly one of the most beautiful locations in the Alps I can think of.

PROS: fall foliage, typically still very mild temperatures

CONS: crowds

A bride looks toward the Zugspitze during her elopement on the Bavarian lake of Eibsee on colorful autumn day

Eibsee elopement in winter (December, January, February)

In winter, not all locations are created equal. The idyllic mountain and ski towns of Bavaria come alive in winter when most other places shutter up. If you love snow and the winter months, Eibsee is a really lovely and accessible location for a winter elopement.

PROS: winter wonderland, December Christmas markets in nearby Garmisch, fewer crowds, access to ski areas, low water levels make walking near the lake easier

CONS: short days and cold temperatures, December does not always have snow

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Eibsee elopement in spring (March, April, May)

Spring elopements in the Bavarian Alps are tricky, in my opinion. I don’t recommend the weeks from late March to mid May. Water levels can be low as the summit snow packs haven’t melted yet. The greenery is still in hibernation, and most the snow is likely melted, revealing frozen brown mud and leaves.

Pros: fewer crowds, some blooms in the later part of the season, low water levels make walking near the lake easier

Cons: still pretty frozen all the way until late April/early May, not much greenery

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A couple stand on a boulder during their elopement on the Bavarian lake of Eibsee on a still winter day




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