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Midsummer Faroe Islands Adventure Elopement

Dramatic, otherworldy sea cliffs sprawl across the image, separated by a white and red lighthouse and a speck of a couple standing in the middle

This midsummer Faroe Islands adventure elopement is an example of a day going (mostly) perfectly to plan. Weather in the Faroes can be difficult to predict and plan around, so it’s always good to consider backup days. For L&J, that’s exactly what we did.

The week of their Faroe elopement, I kept a close eye on the weather forecast. We ended up meeting one day later than originally planned to take advantage of the sunniest day. It ended up being the right call, since the sunset conditions we had were absolutely perfect.

If you’re considering an adventure elopement in the Faroe Islands, here’s what we did!

Faroe Islands Adventure Elopement: Ferrying between the Faroe Islands

The hike we choose is on the northern part of the island chain. We drove through the subsea tunnels that connect most the islands, but had to line up for a ferry to our final destination.

This ferry can be busy, mostly because it’s small (only 10 cars at a time). When we arrived for the 14:30 ferry, we were a bit unlucky – at least, we thought. There was a garbage truck and a pickup truck towing a horse trailer in front of us. Due to the larger vehicles in front of us, we had to wait for the next one.

This ended up being in our favor, however. This gave us time for fish and chips at the dock, and the 16:00 ferry was much less crowded! Lastly, the later ferry timed perfectly with the lighting, and we had the trail almost entirely to ourselves.

Midsummer in the Faroes means sunset isn’t until around 23:30, and even then, the night never truly gets dark. It’s 3-4 hours of twilight until the sun rises again at 03:30. The rest of their elopement day, we took full advantage of this.

PRO TIP: Always make sure to keep an eye on the Ferry schedule 56 Klaksvík – Syðradalur. You have to actually CALL the ferry line to request the late ferry! It will not run if someone doesn’t call.

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Reading vows and exploring the cliffs at sunset

Once we arrived on the island, we made the 15 minute drive to the northern point. The trailhead has a freshly graveled parking area, which the couple noted wasn’t there when they first visited 7 years ago. That was part of the reason they wanted to elope in the Faroe Islands. It was one of their first trips together as a couple, and is a nostalgic place for them. To make things more meaningful, L is also carrying their first child, her bump barely visible under her puffy sweater as we hiked.

To come back to these cliffs at midsummer and read their wedding vows, baby growing between them, was nothing short of magical.

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Hiking to the top of Klakkur above Klaksvik

In my 5 easy hiking trails in the Faroe Islands guide, I highlight one of the most rewarding easy access viewpoints. After L&J read their vows at the lighthouse cliffs, we realized we were pushing it for time. The next ferry was at 23:00 – and there wouldn’t be another one afterwards. If we didn’t get back for the ferry, we’d be stranded on the island overnight.

We made it with time to spare though. We boarded the ferry as the sky morphed from hazy gold to the eternal blue hour that defines midsummer at these latitudes. Within an hour, we were parked at the Klakkur trailhead and hiking up.

It’s a steep but short hike that takes 20-30 minutes. Once at the top, we had a sprawling view of the fjord we had just crossed, and multiple islands.

For the rest of our time together, we stood on the small summit and toasted the views. It was 1am by this time, and the sky was already getting noticeably lighter. We chatted about our favorite podcasts, and the rest of their travel plans. We noted the stillness to the air, and the lack of wind. I had been to this viewpoint before for a previous elopement in the Faroes, and was almost blown away that day by violent gusts. This midsummer night, it was quiet and calm, the lights from Klaksvik below glittering placidly across the fjord.

Faroe Islands adventure elopement photography

Hey! I’m Mariah, I wrote this blog and took these photos. If you’re thinking about eloping in the Faroe Islands, I have lots of helpful tips for you both. I’ve spent a number of weeks on the islands, and explored trails both public and private to recommend to you. The weather and conditions on the islands are always unpredictable, so it’s a good idea to hire someone experienced with adventure elopements and the Faroese weather.

I’m based in the Austrian and Italian Alps, and Adventure elopements are all I do! If you’re ready to get this party started, then check out my packages below, or get in touch.

A couple in wedding attire stand on a sunny cliff with the dramatic fjords of the Faroe Islands behind them
A woman in a sprawling wedding dress stands on a rocky cliff with the dramatic fjords of the Faroe Islands behind her



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