I really get why you're here. Traditional weddings wig you out. Maybe you prefer private, intimate settings. Maybe you've already been married, had the big wedding, and are more the wiser. Maybe you have complicated family dynamics (hey, me too).

I'm here to help you create a definition of marriage that leaves you feeling free, inspired, connected to the outdoors and focused on your partner. Not that other sh!t.

To capture you both at your "you-est," you need a wedding day that matches.

I know they say not to trust strangers on the internet...

but you can trust me on this:

hey stranger - contact me!

Hi, I'm Mariah

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I met my life partner chasing my dreams across the globe. I quite my 9-5 in 2017 and bought a one way ticket to Canada with a backpack and a camera. I spent the summer working in a remote adventure lodge in British Columbia, guiding ATV and hiking tours in BC's pristine backcountry. Enter Johannes...

He didn't speak English. I didn't speak German...somehow, it didn't matter. 6 years later, we're living in Austria. We speak a charming bilingual monstrosity dubbed "Denglish," and we love to travel in our self converted camper making other couple's wild elopement dreams come true!

You want the real, ugly, soul searing truth about why I believe eloping is the best way to get hitched? Because I absolutely loathed everything about marriage for most my life. Oh, and honestly, I'm just kind of feral...

I come from divorced parents. I raised myself, and I'm ferociously independent. The idea of changing my name and throwing a party for people who put my stomach in knots...well...that's just a hard pass.

So I started dreaming up my own way of defining marriage, and some seriously kick ass ways of celebrating it. MY way. No exhausting guest list, no lifeless hotel ball room - no BS.

Okay, I'll just say it out loud:
I loathe weddings.

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And then I met Johannes...

Read my interview with Authority Magazine

Somewhere, Hawaii 2022

Don't you want a photographer who loves goofing around outdoors with good food and good company as much as you do? 

I'm not sure where I thought I'd end up at 31 years old.
Van-lifing across Europe with a charming German lad and my dream adventure business probably wasn't it, though!

Being able to bring my passion to others who share my love for travel, food, the outdoors and a good belly laugh still feels too good to be true.

I believe in hard work, customer service and being a decent human. That's that midwest essence. 

So if you're looking for photos that feel like you, like really you - without posing, without fuss - then don't be a stranger. Smash that contact button!

I was born, raised and schooled in America's hearty, cheesy center: the midwest. I'm a Michigan girl, inside and out. I love the woods, the lake, Up North and showing you on my palm what part of the state I'm from. I've got that wide eyed, far-too-trusting midwest thing, which makes me easy going at parties (but way too casual for most Europeans).

A lifetime ago, I was a University of Michigan grad. Then a 9-5 drone. I didn't make it 2 years into that phase before selling all my stuff and hitting the road. This American expatriate loves her freedom too much, and corporate life ain't for me. 

Wanna know more?
Here is my origin story:

Michigan born
mountain goat over here

Somewhere, Norway 2021

hey stranger - contact me!

Read a cool article on me on Business Insider

Read my interview with Authority Magazine

my bucketlist adventures
let's add "get married somewhere awesome!!" 

need inspiration?

I've got no shortage of hair-brained schemes and wild ideas for expeditions. If you need some ideas, here are 15 things I hope to do before I go: