I get why you're here. The idea of a traditional wedding wigs you out. Maybe you can't quite put your finger on it, maybe you can. Either way, I get it, and I feel the same.

I'm here to help you discover a way to get married that leaves you feeling free and inspired, connected to the outdoors and focused on your partner, not "stuff."

I want to capture you both at your "you-est." I believe you deserve a day without family pressure, the need to perform or the stress of worrying about everyone else.

I know they say not to trust strangers on the internet...

but you can trust me on this:

hey stranger - contact me!

Hi, I'm Mariah

4 crazy years ago, I had my things packed up ready to leave the midwest for good and move to Denver, Sedona, or Moab. Before I pulled the plug on a spot, I took a hiatus in Canada for the summer as a mountain guide. That's where I met Johannes. By the end of the summer (and although we didn't even speak the same language) I was pretty smitten. We spent the winter in Hawaii and the rest is history. I moved to Germany a year later, somehow learned German, and boom. We built our dream adventure van together during the spring 2020 COVID lockdowns, and can't wait to get out there helping couples like us elope in the most badass way possible...

I'm a thrill seeker. I'm all about a good time, belly laughs and having fun outdoors. I don't think fun needs to be complicated. Give me a pair of hiking sandals or a board—a snowboard, skateboard, surfboard, wakeboard, charcuterie board—and I’m solid.

I was raised by Eagle scouts and artists. I've traveled all over the US and Europe. I'll go anywhere the climbing is good, the MTB trails flow and the views worth the risk. I'm a dirtbag here to serve other dirtbags, slow travelers and vagabond hearts.

Adventure's my jam

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Plus, I know a thing or two about wild romance...

and really. Good. F*cking photos.

So are you ready to start planning your adventure wedding with someone who really gets it? 

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let's add "get married somewhere awesome!!" 

need inspiration?

I've got no shortage of hair-brained schemes and wild ideas for expeditions. If you need some ideas, here are 15 things I hope to do before I go: