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5 Easy Hiking Trails in the Faroe Islands

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This is an image of a hiking trail on the faroe islands. There is a waterfall, grassy green hills and views of the ocean.

These 5 hiking trails in the Faroe Islands are impressive all year round.

  1. Lake Sorvagsvatn
  2. Klakkur
  3. Kallur Lighthouse
  4. Mykines Sea Cliff Puffin Hike
  5. Black Sand Beach

The landscape of the Faroes can best be described as rocky, treeless and steep. Most hikes have vast views of the surroundings, and you’re almost always in view of the ocean or fjords. Hikes can be muddy due to the lack of tree cover and daily rain showers, so bring water resistant hiking boots to the island. Running shoes really don’t cut it out here!

Most of the below hiking statistics are from real hikes done by myself and recorded with my Garmin watch. Only the moving time was recorded. On average, the hikes were 1-2 hours longer than the moving time to account for breaks and photos.

I have above average fitness and hiking speed, but think these times fit most hikers due to the moderate level of difficulty of the hikes. Most people can assume a similar pace as me for this list!

Lake Sorvagsvatn Hike

Viewpoints to note: Lake Sørvágsvatn, Trælanípa, Bøsdalafossur Waterfall

Length: 8.25km

Elevation gain: 236km

Type: out and back

Time: 2.5 hrs

Starting location: Open the parking lot coordinate in Google Maps here

Fee: 200kr

Tips: Go at sunrise, otherwise this hike becomes crowded throughout the day due to location near airport and it’s easy access. Since I went before sunrise for this hike, no one was there to take payment. If you go this early, you may also be able to avoid the fee.

Klakkur Hike

Length: 3.5km

Elevation gain: 213 m

Type: out and back

Time: 1 hour

Starting location: Open parking lot coordinates in Google Maps here

Fee: none

Kallur Lighthouse Hike

Viewpoints to note: James Bond’s Gravestone

Length: 4km

Elevation gain: 300m

Type: loop trail

Time: 1h 45

Starting location: Trøllanes, open the trail head coordinates here

Fee: DKK 200 for the ferry

Tips: this hike is short, but requires a ferry to arrive at the island.

Everyone starts this hike around the same time due to the ferry transfers. If you can, take the first ferry of the day and GET THERE EARLY. There is only room for 12 cars on the ferry, so if you want to drive, you need to get there at least an hour early, park your car in line and go explore the town. Otherwise, leave your car parked in Klaksvik and board the ferry on foot. Take the bus to the trailhead at Trollanes. The hike is muddy, and awkwardly angled, so have good hiking boots. Don’t do this trail in trainers. The wind alone will blow you sideways. Finally, make sure you keep an eye on the time so you make the last ferry back, otherwise, you’re stranded!

Mykines Puffin Watching Hike

Viewpoints to note: the lighthouse at the end, if the trail is open again in 2023

Length: 5km

Elevation gain: 189m

Type: loop hike

Time: 1.5 Hours

Starting location: once you get off the ferry, you will walk toward town and be met by someone taking payments to hike left up the cliff and toward the lighthouse. Don’t worry, they find you!

Fee: DKK 200 per person

Tips: stop at the “Locals” cafe for coffee and cake before you go. Watch out for the roosters though – they will shamelessly steal your food if you sit outside. The trail to the lighthouse lookout closed in 2022 due to a washout and may remain closed through 2023. Check the trail conditions before getting a ferry to the island. If it’s Puffin season, watch where you step close to the cliff edges; they burrow underground and you might be standing above a nest without knowing.

Saksun Black Sand Beach and Lagoon Walk

Length: 4.5km

Elevation gain: 83m

Time: 1hr

Starting location: Open up the Google Map coordinates for the free parking area here

Fee: DKK 75 per person, credit card only

Tips: check the tide before you go! If you go at high tide, you will need to walk through some muddy or wet sections. I recommend going right after high tide peaks. This means the lagoon will be full during your walk out, which looks the best. On your way back, the lagoon empties a lot and you’ll be able to explore around more.

Please also be considerate of the farmer who lives nearby. He gets (understandably) annoyed at folks who walk on his property or take intrusive photos. Remember, people live here, and you’re a guest. Be respectful.


The Faroe Islands are still mostly untouched by mass tourism and pollution. Let’s keep it that way. When on the islands, act responsible while hiking by following the Leave No Trace Principles.

  1. Plan ahead and prepare
  2. Hike on durable surfaces
  3. Dispose of waste properly, pack in pack out (that includes TP and cigarette butts….)
  4. Leave what you find
  5. Respect wildlife, especially migrating birds
  6. Be considerate of others (for god’s sake, don’t hike with a bluetooth speaker…)

These 5 easy hiking trails on the Faroe islands are a privilege to experience. Please pack out all trash created on hikes, including toilet paper.

Interested in having keepsake photos of your adventures?

Check out my travel schedule and see if we’re in the area at the same time! For 2023, I’ll be in the area from August 17th-28th.





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