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Faroe Islands Elopement Photos

This is a gallery of elopement photos from a recent Faroe Islands elopement. The couple, S&D, eloped on Vagar Island above lake Sorvagsvatn, after a moderate hike from the parking area!

This image is of a couple standing on a cliff near the ocean near Lake Sorvagsvatn on the Faroe Islands during their elopement. They are facing one another and laughing as they read their vows. The weather is misty and dramatic.

The morning we hiked to Sorvagsvatn, it was chilly and damp, but mostly dry. Once we arrived at the famous Slave Cliff overlook, the wind had picked up and the rain started a little heavier. These two changed quickly, and cuddled against the breeze to admire the views.

With just enough time to play around and explore the overlook, the rain came down a little heavier and they changed back into their hiking clothes to stay warm and dry. If you’re planning an elopement in the Faroe Islands, be prepared for rain, ALWAYS!

A couple stands forehead to forehead above lake Sorvagsvatn in the Faroe Islands

At the edge of Lake Sorvagsvatn, the lake pours into the ocean through the Bøsdalafossur waterfall. We ventured to the edge to see for ourselves.

The rain was coming down heavily and consistently at this point, and we made the decision to pack up and head back – but just as we made it to the cliffs, these two decided they wanted to attempt the lookout and wait for the fog to clear.

Their intuition was in the right place, because as we arrived at the top, the wind shifted and died. We were stunned. The calmness and view of the shoreline compared to only 5 minutes before was unthinkable. Instantly, they looked at me and said, “this is it – this is where we’re going to say our vows!”

S&D changed lightening fast and with just enough time, they read their vows to each other, laughing and shivering against the breeze. It was spontaneous and totally opposite of what we planned – and absolutely PERFECT.

After a little dance and twirl in the calmness, they ran to the edge and read their vows.

A close up image of a couple facing each other, only their torsos visible. The woman is holding a small bouquet, and the man his vows. They are standing by a cliff in the Faroe Islands.

These two absolutely glowed. It was everything they had hoped for, rain or not. As soon as they finished reading their vows, the rain started again, as if on cue. They changed out of their wedding attire and got warm just as the wind picked up again.

Couple reads their vows above Slave Cliff near Sorvagsvatn in the Faroe Islands on their elopement day.

After the vows, we knew we wanted to stay warm, so we jumped in the car and toured the island, jumping in and out for scenic areas as we went.

Couple stands near a waterfall in the faroe islands during their elopement.

Hiring a Faroe Islands Elopement Photographer

Bespoke Elopement Photographer and Professional Third Wheeler, Mariah Arianna


“We knew we wanted to elope in the Faroe Islands early into our engagement, but we knew finding a photographer who would be game for an elopement there may present as a challenge. Thankfully, we found Mariah. I cannot say enough complimentary things about her, but suffice it to say, she was the perfect photographer for us. Choosing Mariah to be our elopement photographer came down to one big thing: the thought of spending the entire day with her excited us. She is a blast to spend time with on the happiest day of your life. 

We were blown away by her ability to capture our personalities in her photographs but also make us look like complete rockstars. During our elopement we went on a few hikes, and not only was she game for them, she actually led out! She is incredibly prepared for any and all weather, is up for an adventure, and is mindful of leaving no trace. 

Mariah will give you an entire timeline with events for your day, but is flexible to allow for changes to the day based on what you and your partner are feeling. She will probably have researched your location better than you have, and seamlessly move from one place to the next like she is a local. There were times throughout our elopement planning that I thought, “Mariah is like four people wrapped into one” because she works so hard and is so efficient. Not only that, she is incredibly warm and encouraging when taking photographs, which put both my husband and I at ease and allowed us to relax.”

– Sarah & Drew, Adventure Elopement, Faroe Islands | August 2022


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