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Mind blowing adventures
that will impress everyone back home -
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BS or expectations


the fun & flexibility


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What's in my pack?

Emergency 1st Aid
Trail Maps & Guides
Vendor hookups
a Vow guide
Dad Jokes
Travel Tips
DIY Bouquets
backup gear like headlamps, rain gear and sunscreen


I know - it's not hard to look at some elopement photos and think, "that's cool, but I don't want to climb Everest in my wedding dress!" I think it's pretty sick if you did want to, by the way, but the good news is: adventure is for everyone.

The Faroe Islands are rugged and rainy, but the hiking is very accessible. The sloping green hills are also populated by some seriously cute locals: chonky puffins and haggard sheep. The local Faroese are kind, helpful and always willing to share their stories and culture.

Every person, body and ability can choose their own adventure here. You tell me what you're most excited about, and I help you discover all the ways it's possible.

And no, you don't have to be a mountain climber

And we think the Faroe Islands is the perfect place for your elopement. 

If you're thinking about eloping in the Faroe Islands, it's because you're not into a ton of glitz and glamour and in love with true adventure travel. The Faroe Islands aren't for everyone, but they're for you. The country is rugged, moody, gorgeous (hey, what else do we all have in common!?)

So let's talk about turning your Faroe Island elopement into an extended, bucket list honeymoon.

Your bucket list and I have conspired -

it's a big bad world out there...

What does a 10 hour Faroe Island elopement look like?

an example timeline:


First Look

Explore easy access trails with fewer crowds at sunrise for a raw, private first look & portraits in the day's most magical light.


Location 1

Continue along nearby trails, gain some elevation and mix things up! Every corner you turn unveils another mesmerizing view.


Location 2

After a lunch break, we continue to a second location for more exploring. Relax, take your time and enjoy the area.


sunset vows & toast

End the day with your commitment ceremony as the sun sets. Bust out the headlamps and stick around for star shots!

But why choose me as
your photographer?

Because your experience is my #1 priority and this is about so much more than pretty photos.

Real talk: every photographer you're looking at "takes pretty photos." You're looking for someone with that little something extra: knowledge. I know the Faroes, the trails, and how to take care of YOU. Hiring me means finding someone who's absolutely stoked about nature, experienced in the outdoors and dedicated to making your day kick ass.

Trouble narrowing down locations? I have a Faroes location guide. Worried about crowds?
I know how to avoid them. Not sure where to go?
All good - I've hiked all over.

You deserve someone who knows the area, knows where to go and what to expect.

Choosing Mariah to be our elopement photographer came down to one big thing: the thought of spending the entire day with her excited us. She is a blast to spend time with. We were blown away by her ability to capture our personalities and make us look like complete rockstars. - Sarah & Drew, Faroe Islands Aug 2022

hi, its me!


I call BS on traditional weddings because the status quo didn't work for me either. I know marriage has a fingerprint. It's as unique as each couple. You define what marriage means to you...AND how to celebrate it.

I exist to empower couples, eliminate fear & create fun. I've been traveling and living abroad since 2013. I've built my life around exploring new places and telling those stories through photos.

What started as a love for travel and adventure has led me right here to you. I'd bet we have at least those things in common.

So, are we the dream team that's gonna take back your wedding day?

Keep scrolling for a vibe check...

We're a dream team if you...

Value a professional with years of photography experience, first aid and outdoor training, and thousands of hours on the trails

Value sustainable travel, Leave No Trace principles, and environmental consciousness - and a photographer who does too

Value meaningful, fun, unique and intentional experiences which prioritize memories over things and adventure over show. Quality time is your "love language!"

How It All Works

it's really simple, and I'm here for you every step of the way

step one

Get on the calendar

Schedule a call to get face to face & choose a package. A signed contract and €1,500 retainer reserves your date!

step two

get married af

We plan a day focused on YOU and the meaningful things you're stoked about.

step three

relive the day

Receive your digital gallery with integrated products & printing, albums, unlimited hi-res downloads and social sharing.

What's included?

PLANNING, services, Products & VIBES

My travel & rain days

My Faroe Islands elopement packages have my travel and rain days calculated in. You'll never have to worry about hidden costs, coordinating my travel, or being rained out. I keep an eye on weather and we pivot as needed.

1:1 chats

Planning an elopement is stressful. I'm here to help with the heavy lifting. I provide vendor recs, travel advice,  location scouting, to-the minute-timelines and a place to bounce ALL your wildest ideas.

Prints & Products

I don't believe photos should live behind a screen. All packages come with prints and products built in and a way for family & friends to order their own high quality print lab keepsakes.

Planning guides

Every couple gets a 70 page "everything you need to know and plan for" elopement planning guide, bespoke time lines, plus my custom vow writing guide & workbook. 

Mariah's vow guide helped me write some of the most intimate words I’ve ever gotten onto paper - it was extremely helpful and I would highly recommend using it. There are some really useful tips and prompts, if you struggle getting words onto paper - this will help you from start to finish.

- Sari & Fabio


The Multi Day Faroes Experience


Two 8 hr days of Faroes adventure coverage

Photographer travel, food & lodging included

600+ hi res images in a private online gallery

Unlimited gallery downloads & social sharing

Location guides, vendor recs & local travel tips

Custom hour by hour timeline

The 70 page elopement planning guide

Vow to wander vow guide & workbook

Keepsake album of Instax polaroids

20% VAT sales tax included


The Full Day Adventure Experience


Full day of Faroes adventure coverage (10 hrs)

Photographer travel, food & lodging included

400+ hi res images in a private online gallery

Unlimited gallery downloads & social sharing

Location guides, vendor recs & local travel tips

Custom hour by hour timeline

The 70 page elopement planning guide

Vow to wander vow guide & workbook

Keepsake album of Instax polaroids

20% VAT sales tax included


Adventure Sessions & Non-Wedding Packages


2 hour faroes adventure coverage

Photographer travel included

50+ hi res images in a private online gallery

Photo bundle upgrades available

Faroes location guide & trail scouting

Keepsake Instax polaroids

20% VAT sales tax included

Please note:

Adventure Sessions are contingent on pre-booked travel. You can view my current travel schedule HERE.

Packages + pricing

Choose one:

Contact me to book for 2024 & 2025


Choosing Mariah to be our elopement photographer came down to one big thing: the thought of spending the entire day with her excited us. She is a blast to spend time with. We were blown away by her ability to capture our personalities in her photographs but also make us look like complete rockstars. During our elopement we went on a few hikes, and not only was she game for them, she actually led out! She is incredibly prepared for any and all weather, is up for an adventure, and is mindful of leaving no trace. She will probably have researched your location better than you have, and seamlessly move from one place to the next.

Mariah is like four people wrapped into one

When I look at the photos, I am instantly transported into my heart with a huge feeling of love and warmth for my girlfriend, realizing, omg that’s how beautiful we are!? I feel it always, but seeing it like that is something spectacular. My partner and I were left feeling so satisfied and so loving of each other, so confident we had captured some beautiful photos. The photo quality and artistry is truly incredible, top notch, world class. Our love really shines through in the photos, they are simply amazing.

I have never been able to relive an emotion through a photograph of myself so immensely before.

We could not have had a better day exploring the views with Mariah and Johannes and are grateful for the beautiful site. We actually had to adapt our schedule last minute due to weather and the timing turned out amazing. The two of them were a great team down to keeping the hunger at bay, dirt off attire, to capturing moments between my wife and I to cherish forever. Our enjoyment of the photo shoot, the views and area, plus each others’ company shows through in our photos thanks to Mariah.

Mariah continued to impress and go beyond

Elopements are scary, going against traditional ESPECIALLY in a foreign country with no understanding of the language. But believe me when I tell you that this was the once in a lifetime experience I’ve been waiting for and tops ANY wedding. Mariah is TRULY one of a kind. Trust me on this. This is her calling.  With Mariah, you’re not just hiring a photographer, you’re hiring someone that takes your vision to the highest quality to create a life long memory of the best wedding experiences. The dedication she has to researching the BEST and most BREATHTAKING views is by far more than ANY other photographer would ever go. I mean seriously!! How many photographers do you know that would climb a mountain not once but TWICE!

I can go on ALL day about how precious and ORIGINAL Mariah is!

I was stunned when I saw the sneak peek photos! We had a sunrise shoot and Mariah was already waiting for us before 5:30 AM! Talk about dedication and professionalism! My husband and I were nervous about getting our picture taken. Mariah walked us through her vision and just told us to talk to each other about our favorite moments, it made us less tense and Mariah was able to capture the real us. Mariah has an amazing personality, easy-going but focused which I truly appreciated. We had a lot of fun! You can tell the passion and dedication that Mariah has for her work and it translates through her photos. My pictures are BEAUTIFUL and I can't wait to frame, literally most of them.

Everything flowed so naturally

frequently asked questions


A good place to start is to ask yourselves what kind of experience you want to have. Most adventure based elopements require 3-4 hours of activity on top of the commitment ceremonies and traveling between locations. I recommend a multi day to get the most of your trip.

Plan on it! It's the Faroes! Although it doesn't sound ideal, moody weather can make for some seriously beautiful photos, and clouds are actually wonderful for soft, even lighting. You MUST have rain gear and hiking boots for the Faroes. Trust me. It's very muddy.

YES! And for so many reasons - one, trails and locations are almost ALWAYS quieter on weekdays. You can almost guarantee yourself more seclusion by choosing days like Tuesday or Wednesday.

Include it. Eloping doesn't mean giving up the important traditions that come with big weddings. Have a ring bearer, a first dance, anything you want!

What's stopping you? It ain't me! The wonderful thing about elopements is this: there are no rules! You get to decide what is most important to you, and what to do about it. 2-25 guests is ideal.

The short answer is yes. The honest answer is: it's complicated. The easiest thing is to complete the legal paperwork in your home country and have a meaningful vow and commitment ceremony in your elopement location. Most couples do this.

Not necessarily. Most of my favorite viewpoints are actually very close to the road. The majority of hiking trails on the Faroes are very easy, and others require special permission or have fees. For certain hikes, I recommend hiring a local guide or private boat tour.

I don't record video. I will refer you to my favorite local videographers who share my values and artistic style. Videography requires an entirely separate set of hands, gear, attention and eyeballs. A good team is required to cover both mediums fairly. Be wary of any one individual who promises to do both at the same time!

I've got what you need:
 Faroes elopement tips and more

Answers to your burning questions and planning hurdles for eloping in the Faroe islands

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