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7 Simple Tips for Lago di Braies proposal photos

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A couple sit face to face in a wooden boat on the famous Lago di Braies in the Italian Dolomites. The water around them is blue green and the mountains behind them are lit by sunlight.

If you’re planning a Lago di Braies surprise proposal, there’s some general rules of thumb I’d suggest following. These are my top tips for planning your Lago di Braies proposal photos at this iconic Dolomites lake:

1. Avoid July and August

No matter what time of year you choose, getting engagement photos at lago di braies will mean sharing the views. If you don’t want to be surrounded by total chaos, however, and surge pricing for everything in the area, book any month of the year except July or August.

You’ll hear this over and over from vendors and other people who live and work in the area, and it’s for good reason. Not only is it a popular month for more high altitude activities like via ferratas, alpine climbing and glacier hikes, but most of Europe is taking the month off for summer holidays. You’re competing with world travellers, locals with time off and Europeans on holiday all at once.

Locals go back to school in late August/early September, and most Europeans go back to work around the same time.

If you’re travelling from abroad, try to book your visit in June, September or October.

2. Do go for sunrise

Sunrise is the best time of day for Lago di Braies proposal photos for a couple reasons. The first, is that there will be far fewer people up and around. Most people up this early are other photographers. The swarms of tourists and families with kids are normally still in bed during sunrise hour – so it’s your best bet for a bit of peace and privacy.

engagement photo session at Lago di Braies

Second, the light this time of day is the best! Sunrise tends to be clear due to cooler air, and the alpine glow at the back of the lake is really lovely at sunrise.

Third, the air is also calmer, meaning less wind. As the sun rises, and temperatures increase, wind picks up. You’re less likely to get that glass-like reflection on the water the longer the sun is up.

Plan to start shooting 30 minutes before sunrise so you’re prepared for those lightening fast 10-15 minutes where the sunrise light peaks!

3. Do book a hotel room nearby

Especially if you’re planning a sunrise session, cutting out transport times to the lake from another area will make a far less stressful experience. Parking at the Lago di Braies visitor lots is €8-25 depending on if your a car or camper van, and how long you stay.

If you book at the Hotel Pragser Wildsee, Lago di Braies, you’ll wake up right on the lake. They often require a 3 night minimum, so if you prefer more flexibility, book a room anywhere in the Pragser Tal valley.


4. Don’t expect to be alone

No matter what time you’re at Lago di Braies, there will be others around you. It’s extremely rare to arrive at a time when no one else is there. It’s one of the most famous places in the Alps, so come with a bit of patience.

5. Do be up for adventure, and bring a comfortable pair of shoes to change in/out of

The trail around Lago di Braies is wide, flat, well worn and easy to navigate. It’s about as easy to walk on as most city sidewalks. It’s only steep and slippery on the more eastern side of the lake, where there are wooden stairs navigating around some of the stone cliffs.

You do not need hiking boots to walk around the lake.

However, it’s not ideal for heels or shoes with flat, gripless soles. If you want to bring a pair of nice dress shoes, heels or flats, definitely bring them! But have a comfortable pair of sneakers with you as well.

Remember it can start to rain any time, and the white stone in the Dolomites is extremely slippery, especially when wet.

A good mentality to enter your shoot is with the intent to have a darn good time! Indulge your inner child. Explore. Play. Run around and leave yourself breathless under the drama and magic of the Dolomites. Interact with the environment. Run your fingers through the water. Get your feet wet. Lie on the white stones. Wander down an interesting path. Lago di Braies proposal photos shouldn’t just be about the images — it should also be about FUN!

6. Do rent a boat for your engagement photos at Lago di Braies

There’s a reason those boats are the most ‘grammed thing on the internet. They’re adorable, well built and cruise around some of the most stunning emerald, aquamarine alpine water you’ve ever seen. They are also a great way to distance yourself from the crowds and find some solace among the stone cliffs.

I recommend renting out the sunrise slot at the boathouse for private sessions if you’re planning a surprise engagement or elopement ceremony.

For my full guide on how to do that and what the prices are, see, “How to rent out the boathouse at Lago di Braies”

7. Do book a photographer early, and coordinate with them for planning your Lago di Braies surprise engagement

Get in touch with a photographer as early as you can. Many times, they know the areas very well, and can give you lots of tips. They’ll also help you plan what to wear, and how to coordinate the best way to surprise your partner with a proposal or engagement photo session.

If you’re booking a session June – October, it’s very likely many photographers started booking for these times and locations many months ago. Don’t wait until 2-4 weeks out to book!

For my availability and pricing for Lago di Braies engagement shoots, check out this page here.

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