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The rules for renting boats at Lago di Braies for photos have changed in 2023.

At the end of 2022, the 50 year lease which permitted the boathouse to operate expired. The lease was quickly renegotiated, but with some significant changes.

As of May 2023, pricing and availability looks a lot different than in the past. Any information about renting boats for photos before this year is now inaccurate.

What do these changes mean for your Lago di Braies boat photoshoot?

Mainly, the new boat rental website outlines a fresh booking process and higher pricing for private boat rentals.

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#1 Private boat rentals for photoshoots on Lago di Braies are now €400

Yes, you read that right. Exclusively renting boats at Lago di Braies for photos is now €400. Before you cry “cash cow” however, consider why.

Lago di Braies sees over 10k visitors A DAY in the high season of July and August. That’s a lot of people in a relatively narrow area.

Sustainability has been a huge topic in Süd Tirol due to the mass tourism in the area, and this is a step in the right direction. Raising prices to minimize the impact of tourism on the ecosystem of the lake is the only way to keep this place the way it is.

If you’re a casual traveller to the area, please consider biking up to the lake from the Papin bike rental shop nearby to reduce traffic and parking issues near the lake.

#2 Only 10 boats are allowed on Lago di Braies at a time

The number of boats allowed out on the lake at one time has also gone down. This is to limit the impact on the water and the wildlife, but also has benefits for you.

With fewer people on the lake, you get a more peaceful experience.

#3 Sustainable tourism for the Süd Tirol region is IN

Overtourism has been an issue in Italy for a long time, but reached a peak in recent years. Süd Tirol is following in the steps of Venice and restricting travel to certain areas by capping numbers and blocking roads during midday hours.

The mountain culture in all of the Alps is about a oneness with nature. This goes back ages for the people who live here. Tourism means more people, and more people means less of that oneness we all come to the area to experience.

The carbon emissions of increased traffic, infrastructure and an exploding Airbnb scene have led to out of control air, water, light and noise pollution levels.

The people and wildlife who call this area home thank you for doing what it takes to help us keep it clean, quiet and beautiful!

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Here is a breakdown of the new pricing structure for renting boats on Lago di Braies:

Lago di Braies Private Photo Shoot Booking, before opening hours at sunrise

Cost: €200 if you want to split the cost with one other group, €400 if you want it exclusively to yourself

Advanced booking: No. You must arrange with another group on site the morning of.

Time: 90 minutes

Number of boats: 2 boats for up to 5 people in each group

If you book the €400 exclusive boat tour, you are still given 2 boats. This means your photographer/videographer can film you from an adjacent boat.

Lago di Braies Private Boat Rental, normal hours

Cost: €50 per boat

Advanced booking: no. First come first serve.

Time: 45 minutes

Number of boats: 1 boat for up to 5 people

Lago di Braies Shared Boat Rental, normal hours

Cost: €15 per person

Advanced booking: no. First come first serve.

Time: 45 minutes

Number of boats: 1 boat shared among 5 people

With this option, you are essentially booking a seat on one of the boats, rather than the boat itself.

Lago di Braies e-Bike and Boat rental

Cost: €69 per person

Advanced booking: Yes, advanced bookings open 4 days before.

What’s included: an e-Bike from the Papin bike rental shop, a mean from Tuscherhof, 30 minute seat on a shared boat rental during normal opening hours

How to get to Lago di Braies with this option: 6.3km (4 miles) straight up the road to Lago di Braies. It’s a 15 minute bicycle ride with a slight bit of elevation on the way up.

Why this option: it reduces traffic to the lake, which sees up to 15k visitors a DAY in high season. It also allows you to skip the line at the boathouse with your reservation.


From July 10th to September 10th, you must book a reservation to reach Lago di Braies by car between the hours of 9:00 am and 4:00 pm. Hotel guests are an exception.





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