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“Góðan dag”

Goethan Dag – Faroese greeting

Kalsoy Island in the Faroe Islands, looking back at the lighthouse on a sunny day with clouds covering the tops of the mountains. An eloping couple stands in their wedding attire in the center, as a tiny speck.
Lighthouse Hiking Trail, Kalsoy Island – can you spot the couple?

(updated for 2024) Planning a Faroe Islands elopement does take some consideration. It is a tricky location to get to, and Faroese weather is notoriously moody and unpredictable. This guide is for couples determined to experience this incredible archipelago during their elopement!

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NOTE: this guide contains affiliate links. If you make a purchase or booking through one of these links, I may make a commission (it’s like buying me a cup of coffee!). I only recommend places and products I have used, vetted and trust.

Faroe Islands Elopement Overview

Ideally, you should plan your Faroe elopement between the months of May and August. Not only is this for the warmest, driest weather, but also remember that the days are longest. The Islands only record on average 845 sunny hours per year – so assume a range of moody weather (mostly chilly) during your stay. Due to its very northern location, the Faroe islands only have 5 hours of daylight during the winter, so it’s not an ideal spot for a wintery elopement.

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The weather on the Faroes is typically unpredictable, so be prepared for chilly temps all year round, and rain. The thing to prepare yourself most for, however, is the wind. The ocean is never more than 5 miles away at any point, and the lack of trees means there is no shelter from the constant Atlantic breeze.

Because of the weather, always have an extra warm layer, dry socks, waterproof hiking boots and a rain jacket with you.

Who is a Faroese elopement for?

The Faroes are still relatively underdeveloped as far as tourism is concerned. It has a very chill island vibe, and there aren’t a ton of options for large groups who love wining and dining and shopping. If you are a couple who wants to elope “just us” somewhere rugged and far away, I recommend the Faroes to you. It is similar in aesthetic to parts of Scotland, Ireland and Norway, with touches of Iceland. Couples who love to hike and explore outdoors in moody, cooler conditions will love a Faroe elopement.

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The Faroe islands is not a great elopement location for couples who want a ton of access to vendors, hotels, shopping and dining. It’s also not ideal for couples eloping with guests.

How to Budget for a Faroe Islands Elopement

The Faroe islands is a relatively expensive destination due to being an island. However, you’ll make up for what you’ll spend on food and transportation by not having a ton of other expenses.

Round trip economy flights for 2 adults: $2,500

7 days of accommodation: $1,050

5 day car rental: $550

Gas and tolls: $150

Food for 2 people, lunch and dinner: $630

Hiking fees: $100

Full Day Photography Coverage: $7,000

TOTAL: ~ $12,000

On average, budget $150-200 per night on nice hotel rooms or private bnbs. Assume you’ll spend about $90 per day on eating out for 2 people. Rental cars range a lot, but a nice automatic vehicle is around $120 a day. Gas is expensive, so plan to spend around $100 there as well. Many trails have hiking fees, around $20-30 per person.

This are all conservative estimates, and only meant as a base budget.

How to Get there:

The islands are remote, and most connecting flights out of Europe come from Paris, Amsterdam or Copenhagen. Expect at least one connecting flight, maybe two. In addition to your time on the islands, you should consider at least one full day of travel to and from the islands from the US/CAN and even Europe.

You will be flying into the Faroe Islands Intl. Airport located on the southwestern side of the island. The drive to the main city of Tórshavn is 45 minutes, and passes a couple great locations to get out and hike, or enjoy roadside views.

While Tórshavn will offer the best options for hotel stays, consider booking 1-2 different locations around the island so you can experience other areas without having to waste time driving and spending more money on fuel and tunnel tolls.

PRO TIP: spend some extra time in your connection location (Paris, Amsterdam, Copenhagen) and explore a new city. Book the longer layover or separate flights so you can spend 1-2 days there!

Booking a rental car:

Manual vs. Automatic

If you’ve never travelled to Europe before, you need to know that the cheapest rentals are available in manual. If you can’t drive a manual vehicle, make sure to choose automatic, and know the prices will be a bit higher.

Book early

There are not a tone of car rental companies on the Faroes. Some are small and individually owned. Most the time, the car will be left in the airport parking lot with the keys in the glove box for pick up and drop off.

You’ll want to book as early as possible for the best selection and access to an automatic transmission!

Tolls and underwater tunnel fees

Most the roads on the Faroes have tolls. They are automatically scanned and calculated by roadside cameras using your license plate while you’re driving. You’ll receive a bill from the car rental company in a week or two.

Book a hatchback

While you can book any car you want, a car with a hatchback is most convenient and the best way to store luggage, backpacks and wet hiking gear. The higher clearance is also good in order to navigate some of the rocky dirt parking lots and roads close to trail heads.

Where to go on the Faroe Islands for Photos

The drives along the island offer lots of pull off areas to get out and take photos. This is also great due to weather, since there may be days or times when you’ll want to be in a warm, dry car rather than out on the exposed, windy hills. The island’s famous “Buttercup” routes are great scenic drives across the country and backup options for poor weather.

Hiking on the Faroe Islands

You will need rain gear, a backpack with rain cover and hiking boots. It’s not uncommon to experience rain, sun and wind all on one hike, so dress in functional layers. The trails are muddy, so make sure your hiking boots are waterproof with good traction.

Many trails require a fee to access the private land, and some (like Drangarnir) require a guided tour.

Full list of regulated hiking trails.

Official Faroe Hiking Guide .pdf

A couple stands near a cliff on the Faroe Islands during their elopement day on Kalsoy, near the Kallur lighthouse.

Birdwatching and puffin season on the Faroe Islands

Bird Species: Since 2012, 305 bird species have been sighted in the Faroes. 50 of these species regularly breed on the islands, and another 60 are regular visitors. Probably the most impressive, however, is the almost 200 rare species which visit or nest on the Faroe Islands!


Officially, the puffins begin nesting starting in May, and they are most often seen until the end of August. While you can see puffins and other nesting birds across all parts of the Faroes, the best sightings are on the “Puffin island” of Mykines. A boat ride or helicopter is necessary to get to the smaller island from the main island, takes about an hour, and you get to go past the Drangarnir sea stacks and the dramatic Tindhólmur island.

I highly recommend booking the boat tour early, and arriving 30-45 minutes before departure to get a good seat. The deck of the boat fills up fast, and once it does, it’s hard to move around. So if you want to watch the views pass by from the front of the boat, arrive early and snag a seat.

How to dress for a Faroe Elopement

Makeup and hair – for a Faroe elopement, you’ll likely have to DIY it. I recommend getting a makeup tutorial done by a professional who can tell you the right products etc., and practicing a few times. Remember wind and rain is a given here, so keeping hair and makeup on the natural side will hold up well throughout the day. Some false lashes, blush and a tinted lip are easy to maintain while hiking.

Garment bags – get a good, waterproof garment bag! Plan on changing at least 1-2 times throughout the day. Your attire will probably get a little damp at one point or another, so also drop a hotel towel in your bag to pat things off.

Hiking bootsboots, not trail running or tennis shoes. If it starts to rain (it will) and the trails get muddy (they will), your running shoes will not keep your feet warm or dry. Hiking boots past the ankles with good traction are a must. You can change into formal shoes for photos, but hiking on the Faroes is a muddy affair, so hiking boots are most comfortable.

Dress Tips – consider a two piece skirt and top which you can put on separately. It makes changing a lot easier. Pick a dress with lots of light layers and is roomy enough in the legs and hips for you to lift your knees high for walking. Skirts with lots of fabric that catch the wind look beautiful in the Faroe environment.

Suit Tips – Choose a color which won’t show rain drops too quickly. I’d steer away from black, however, as the color looks too severe and difficult in low light. I recommend olive greens, dark blues and greys. Burgundies and golds look incredible as well if you’re someone who loves a pop of color!

White bridal sweater/cover up – you’ll want an extra layer over your dress that matches, so pick out a white sweater or shawl which you won’t mind being photographed in. You can take it on and off for certain photos, but you’ll want something with warm sleeves that matches.

Umbrellas – clear, plastic umbrellas look great in photos if it starts to rain.

What to pack for the Faroe Islands

A Hiking Pack with Rain Cover – don’t skip this one. If you want to hike, you need a waterproof hiking backpack big enough to stuff your wedding outfit, food, water, and layers.

Rain Jacket with hood – have it with you always. It will rain!

Layers – pack layers that you can mix and match for a variety of weather. In August, you may need to bundle up against the rain and wind, or strip down to a tee shirt in the sunshine – all in one hike!

Hiking boots – leave the sneakers at home. You need hiking boots here. The trails are muddy and wet.

How many days should you spend on the Faroe Islands?

5-7 days.

This allows for some flexibility around the weather, and lots of time to see the various parts of the island.

Where to stay on the Faroe Islands


Hotel Djurhuus

Hilton Hotel Tórshavn


Authentic Turfhouse Cottage with Views and Trail Access

Cozy Cottage

Suduroy (south island)

Charming Sea Shanty

Det Lille Gule Hus


Gjaargardur Guesthouse, Gjogv

Beautiful 3 Bedroom Vacation Home


Panorama Boathouse

Cottage By the Sea


Local BnB with Additional Tour Services available

Other Activities to try during your Faroe elopement:

Hiking: hiking is a must on the Faroes. There are a range of hiking areas depending on skill level, but keep in mind many hikes are on private land and may have an access fee ranging from $20 to $80.


Surfing: if you really want to impress your friends, there is great surfing off the coast of Saksun for all levels. Book a guided surf session for some a truly adventurous experience and one of a kind photos. Get in touch with the Faroe Islands Surf Guide for information on guided surfing, SUP tours, cave tours and cliff jumping.

Rent Bikes: a great way to explore Torshavn is by bike. The historic little downtown and harbor are very cute, so see some of the cute streets on a bike!

Horse Riding: the Faroe islands have their own breed of horses, similar to Icelandic horses. They’re stout and strong, and it’s a special treat to hang out with these small, powerful animals up close. Horseback riding can be book at locations across the island. See horse tours here.

“Buttercup Route” scenic drives: when the weather shuts down all your other activity ideas, get in the car and go for a classic road trip. There are tons of places to pull over and explore, and the entire island is a photo op.

How long should our photography package be?

If you can, two days.

If you’re thinking, “what the heck do you two for a two day photoshoot!?” let me explain:

Your elopement is NOT a glorified photoshoot. It’s not a vogue cover shoot. I know you’re not models, and I am not a fashion photographer 😉

Your elopement IS a significant, multi day travel experience that deserves as much coverage and investment as a “traditional” wedding. Your elopement is an adventure, and I am an adventure photographer.

Elopement photography is more about the experience, the activities and the emotions than a ritzy event. Hiring a photographer to document your Faroe elopement means having someone along who will guide you, pump you up, and prepare you for this incredible place.

When you book two days, you get more flexibility with the weather, more locations to explore, and double the documented time for photos. Because of the weather, you’ll want some flexibility with your activities in case conditions aren’t ideal one day, at a particular time at a particular location.

Due to this, I am flexible with all my Faroe bookings, and allow couples to plan with me flex days during their entire stay.

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What does a 2 day timeline look like?

Flexibility is key, especially with the notoriously changeable weather of the Faroes. That said, here’s an idea of how a two day (or one day) Faroe elopement could be planned:

Day 1:

Traenalípa sunrise hike and tour: 05:00 -10:00

Lunch break and drive time

Mulafossur viewpoints: 13:00 -17:00

Location 2 picnic and vows: 17:00 – 18:00

Sornfelli sunset portraits and blue hour : 18:00 – 20:00

Day 2

Saksun Surf, SUP or bird tour: 09:00 -13:00

Lunch break and drive time

Fossa waterfall photos, hike and tour: 16:00 -19:00

Black sand beach sunset picnic: 19:00 – 20:00

Alternative full day activities:

Kallur lighthouse trail on Kallur

Mykines Puffin tour

Guided Drangarnir hike

How to hire a Faroe Islands elopement photographer

The rugged landscape and weather of the Faroe islands isn’t for everybody. It requires proper planning and knowledge, and experience in the outdoors. You should hire an elopement photographer who has been there before, knows the right locations and local rules and how to handle the climate.

Your Faroe elopement photographer should also be someone you look forward to spending the day with!

Get on the phone with your options and go with your gut.

Hi, I’m Mariah! Author of this blog and Faroe Islands elopement photographer based in Austria

Drangarnir sea stack hike off the coast of Vagar, Faroe Islands

Kind words from a couple who eloped in the Faroes:

We knew we wanted to elope in the Faroe Islands early into our engagement, but we knew finding a photographer who would be game for an elopement there may present as a challenge. Thankfully, we found Mariah. I cannot say enough complimentary things about her, but suffice it to say, she was the perfect photographer for us. Choosing Mariah to be our elopement photographer came down to one big thing: the thought of spending the entire day with her excited us. She is a blast to spend time with on the happiest day of your life.

We were blown away by her ability to capture our personalities in her photographs but also make us look like complete rockstars. During our elopement we went on a few hikes, and not only was she game for them, she actually led out! She is incredibly prepared for any and all weather, is up for an adventure, and is mindful of leaving no trace.

Mariah will give you an entire timeline with events for your day, but is flexible to allow for changes to the day based on what you and your partner are feeling. She will probably have researched your location better than you have, and seamlessly move from one place to the next like she is a local. There were times throughout our elopement planning that I thought, “Mariah is like four people wrapped into one” because she works so hard and is so efficient. Not only that, she is incredibly warm and encouraging when taking photographs, which put both my husband and I at ease and allowed us to relax. I would work with Mariah again in a heartbeat. Thanks Mariah!

– Sarah & Drew, Faroe Elopement Aug. 2022

See Their Full Gallery Here or Read Their Story

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A couple is standing next to dramatic sea cliff on the Faroe Islands reading their wedding vows. They are facing each other and smiling.




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