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Medieval castles, the Bavarian Alps, snowy winter lodges and the Black Forest - Germany has endless dreamy locations to get married. Germany is an ideal place to get married or elope with a small, meaningful wedding ceremony. For those passionate about nature, each other, and a good Hefeweizen, here's a list of the best places to get married or elope in Germany!

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If you’re dreaming about eloping in Norway, you’ll need to know a couple tricks. Pick a location which has a lot to offer in a relatively small area, because unlike the rest of Europe, most of Norway is not accessible by public transportation! You need to rent a car.

Where to Get Elopement Photos in Southern Norway

A young couple poses for elopement photos in southern Norway

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“Minimony.” Other than being really fun to say three times fast (go ahead, try it) what is a minimony? How is it different than a micro wedding, or an intimate wedding, or an elopement wedding? There are so many terms floating around, it’s easy to get confused or overwhelmed trying to label your dream wedding […]

What is a minimony vs a micro wedding vs elopement

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How to Choose an Elopement Location: hire an experienced elopement photographer Choosing an adventurous wedding is like charting unknown territory. Most likely, no one you know has done something similar, and the logistics and planning can feel overwhelming. But don’t stress, I’m here to help. Figuring out exactly where to get married or elope is […]

How to choose an elopement location in 5 quick steps

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You have enough to worry about, let me take some weight off. Here are the 6 crucial things you have to NAIL when planning your elopement day - PLUS: how tell your family, choose a location, find flight deals and more...free :)

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