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The best month for a lake Como elopement in Italy – full breakdown

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A couple cuddle drinking wine on the back of a boat on Lake Como, celebrating their elopement day

The best month for a lake Como elopement in Italy depends on your vision. Since Lake Como is in the very north of Italy and is a glacial lake at the base of the Alps, its weather varies a lot from season to season. In this guide, I’ll break down the best time of year to elope on Lake Como based on the pros and cons of each. Then, you can decide which season suits you best!

Don’t forget to consider that Lake Como has an area of 146 square kilometres (56 sq mi), and is the third-largest lake in Italy. From north to south, the weather can vary wildly. Keep this in mind when looking at weather around the area.

Monthly weather graphs for Lake Como, Italy**

A graph of monthly climate data for Como, Italy
A graph of monthly hours of sunshine for Como, Italy
A graph of monthly rain amounts for Como, Italy

**For the original images and more date, please visit the source for these graphs at the link here.

Eloping on Lake Como during the spring: April and May

In my opinion, April and May are both one of the best months for a lake Como elopement. The weather is pleasant but not too hot, and the trees and flowers are at their best. The lake is full of color during these months. An added perk is that it’s still very calm during this time. Tourism doesn’t pick up until June, so you have a very serene atmosphere in the spring months. May also has very long days, so you can enjoy a full elopement timeline and plenty of flexibility around weather. There are very few downsides to planning a lake Como elopement during the spring!

Eloping on Lake Como during early summer: June

A couple sits on the back of a boat on Lake Como, photographing each other with a polaroid for their June elopement day

Early June is lovely as the weather is warm without being too hot and the lake is only moderately busy. However, it picks up quickly later in the month as summer peaks, so I recommend early June dates. June also has the longest days of the year, so if you have a packed wedding day or elopement itinerary, June is a great month to take advantage of the 15 hours of daylight.

June is historically the “rainiest” month on Lake Como — although keep in mind, the amount of rainfall is low.

Keep in mind that for wedding planners, photographers and venues, June is an extremely popular month. That means you’ll want to book early for June dates.

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Eloping on Lake Como during peak summer: July, August

The months of July and August on Lake Como are the busiest of the entire year. Competition for hotel rooms, wedding venues and other vendors is extremely high, especially on weekend dates. During August especially, the lake is flooded with tourists from all over the world, as well as EU residents on holiday. In Italy, very few people plan their own weddings in August due to the heat and crowds. Surge pricing is also common, and you’ll pay a premium for anything that falls in these dates. The benefit is that the weather is warm and sunny, so you’ll get a classic Como experience.

If you choose a July or August elopement date, plan to hold your ceremony in the early morning or evening hours. Otherwise, the heat and sun is just too strong.

Eloping on Lake Como during the early fall: September and October

Aside from the spring months, I find September to be the best month to elope on Lake Como. September is still really warm, and the colors along the lake begin to change around mid-month. The air is cool and dry and things have calmed down around the lake. By early October, things are very quiet, and the leaves are at their most colorful. Temperatures begin to drop and it’s perfect for folks who don’t love the heat anyway. Since it’s less busy, you’ll often find venues and hotels to have more flexibility. You can often find location for your ceremony that are cheaper and even free, since no one else is around. I find there are few downsides to eloping in the fall months on Como!


Eloping on Lake Como during the late fall: November

By November, many places have gone into winter hibernation. Fall colors are on their way out as leaves drop. There may be a dusting of snow on the higher mountain peaks, especially on the northern edge of Lake Como, close to the Swiss border. Prices for many locations have fallen, but many restaurants, tour companies and hotels shut down completely this month until spring. November can be a lovely time if you prefer solitude and cooler temperatures.

Eloping on Lake Como during the winter: December through March

Winter on Lake Como is cold. Temperatures stay near freezing, days are short and the area goes into hibernation. You’ll find much less selection during these months as many places close. Since the days are short, winter timelines in December and January are limited. Activities are limited also, since few companies offer winter boat rides. If you’re considering a winter elopement on Lake Como, you’ll have to work around these limitations. Due to its proximity to the Alps, I suggest holding a winter elopement in the Dolomites instead. Winter in the Dolomites is a very busy season due to ski tourism, so you can have an incredible winter wedding there!

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