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How to prepare for a couple’s photo session in the Alps

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A couple in hiking clothes stands kissing in front of an alpine landscape during their couple's photo session

Here is what to plan and pack for your couple’s photo session in the Alps, as told by a professional adventure photographer based in Tyrol, Austria.

Preparing for a couple’s photo session in the Alps: outfits

The first thing in being prepared for your photo session in the Alps is to consider your clothes. And I’m not just talking about the outfit you want to wear for the pictures! I also mean: what are you going to wear to protect yourself from wind, rain or strong sun?

I always recommend having two outfits. One which will primarily be for the photos, and another which you have in case you need to layer up against the elements. In the best case, you always have a nice sweater, shawl or jacket to keep you warm that also looks nice with your outfit for the photos.

Tips for choosing the right outfit for photos in the mountains: classic colors and tones

  1. Go with solid, mostly neutral and earthy tones. These are the most timeless. This keeps the focus is on your emotions and connection, and the landscape. Bright colors clash with the surroundings, and cast unatrual reflections on the skin.
  2. If you want to go with a solid color, try to coordinate it to contrast with the surroundings. For example, reds and yellows pop against mostly blue or green landscapes. Emerald greens and sapphire blues look lovely just about anywhere. Light blues and lavenders are great for spring time.
  3. No patterns, no words, no logos. Patterns can warp in the eye of the camera, and shirts with obvious logos or words are distracting. Instead of seeing your faces, you’ll be draw to the shirt!

Choosing the right shoes for your photo session outdoors

Again, I always recommend having two types of shoes! There should be one shoe that is appropriate for the location and activity, and one shoe that you like for the photos. You can change in and out of them as often as you like. During summer and at some locations, it’s perfectly fine to walk a short distance in sandals or open toed shoes. However, always bring a bag with a change of shoes along, just in case.

Other important things to bring for your session

Since your session will take place outdoors and in the mountains, there are a couple other things I always recommend you bring. Here is a list, but remember to consider the time of year, location and activity as well.

  • Any backpack similar to these for…
  • Snacks and water
  • Sunscreen
  • Rain jacket
  • Sweater or scarf
  • Pocket mirror, brush and makeup for touch ups
  • Tissues
  • Cash – if we happen across an alpine hut or cafe during/after the session, many are cash only!

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