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What is the average cost of a Dolomites elopement?

Generally, people spend between $10,000 and $20,000. Note that most estimates only calculate costs specific to the elopement day, and not the whole trip/honeymoon. Costs can vary a lot though depending on how elaborate you get. If you want to keep it close to 10k, I suggest eloping just the two of you in a less busy month, like May or October, and doing everything excluding the photography yourself.

In this blog, I break down Dolomites elopement budgets more specifically: Eloping in the Dolomites for every budget

What is the best season for eloping in the Dolomites?

This really depends on preference! Summer is best for access to all the area peaks and hiking trails, winter is best for ski and snowboard elopements, spring is great for fewer crowds, and fall is great for the incredible colors.

I break down the seasons month by month in this blog here: Dolomites elopements by season and if you love skiing or snowboarding, then check out my Dolomites Ski Wedding Guide!

Can we plan a larger destination wedding in the Dolomites?

Absolutely! The area has a ton of large hotels, private chalets and restaurants which can accommodate your wedding party. I highly recommend hiring a local wedding planner though. They can help deal with the multiple languages spoken here and get you better deals. They will take over vendor communication on everything, which with time zone and language barriers, is hugely helpful. I recommend planning 12 months in advance for weddings with more than 10 people.

What is the area like for hotels, restaurants and shopping?

Honestly incredible. Towns like Cortina d’Ampezzo and Bolzano have a ton of shopping, from local mom and pop shops, to sporty stores like Patagonia, and luxury brands like Prada and Gucci. There are also multiple Michelin rated restaurants, local alpine cuisine, pizzerias and more. There is food EVERYWHERE. Hotels range from cute guest houses and private chalets to massive 5 star wellness resorts.

What things can we do while in the area that’s *not* hiking?

Shopping, sightseeing from the car or a gondola, watching sunrise or sunset from one of the mountain passes, a day in a spa or wellness hotel, helicopter tours, a day at a lake, renting e-bikes, exploring historic old towns or castle ruins, staying overnight in a rifugio, wine tasting, olive oil tasting, have a picnic, go for a swim, stare at all the cute cows, shop at the local farmers markets…

How can we find local vendors for our Dolomites wedding or elopement?

Many local companies who specialize in weddings will have websites in English, Italian and German. You can google things like, “Dolomites elopement photographer,” “Dolomites wedding planner,” or “Dolomites makeup artist” to find people. Other great terms to search which you might not know for the area are: South Tirol, Süd Tirol, Alto Adige. These are the German/Italian names for the local area. Use the same terms to search Instagram and Pinterest also, where many vendors here keep their portfolios.

As a note, there are many photographers from other continents who pay to advertise for the Dolomites on Google, so be sure to check where people are actually based when inquiring. Do you really want to pay to fly out a photographer from Seattle when there are already so many within Europe?

What are some great Dolomites locations for our elopement day?

The easiest places for exploring on your elopement day are around the towns of Cortina d’Ampezzo, Innichen San Candido and Bolzano.

Check out my 3 and 5 day Dolomites road trip itineraries here.

Do people speak English in the Dolomites?

Widely, yes. German, Italian and Ladin are the languages native to the area with most people able to speak all three, plus English. Learning a few Italian or German niceties is appreciated!

If you ever need to communicate with someone in their language, use It is far, FAR more accurate than Google translate.

What is a typical elopement day timeline?

I generally consult couples around two timeframes: sunrise or sunset. This is due to lighting, but also because things tend to be less busy these times of day. Consider activities like getting ready and first look, ceremony and portraits, exploring on foot, having a picnic and reading letters from family and friends. Each of these things takes 1-2 hours.

4-5 hours is the absolute minimum I recommend for elopements. 8-12 hours is ideal if you want to really make the most of the day and avoid it feeling like a photoshoot.

How much are services like florals and hair/makeup?

The going rate for bridal hair and makeup is €500 – 800. Florals range a ton depending on the blooms and the size. For a bouquet you can expect anything from €100 – 400 depending on size and if you have the florist deliver it to you. Large arrangements for arches or a ceremony you can expect to start at €1,000 – 2,000.

How much do local Dolomites photographers and videographers cost?

The local rate for a full day of photography or videography from an experienced, full time, tax paying business runs from €4,000 – 10,000. Consider your photo/video team carefully. They’ll be with you the entire day. Their energy and ability to make you comfortable will make or break the entire experience.

Be extra careful of non-EU photographers who offer to shoot your wedding here for free or at a discounted rate; they are often working illegally, don’t understand the seasonal rhythms of the mountains, and are more likely to treat your wedding day like a rare portfolio piece or free vacation for them, rather than focus on what’s best for you.

Looking for a *local* Dolomites elopement photographer?

Hi! I’m Mariah. I am an elopement photographer based along the Italian and Austrian border. I specialize in intimate destination weddings and adventure elopements all across Europe.

I’m originally from the U.S., so I’m also the perfect bridge between cultures on your elopement day! I speak native English and fluent German.

I truly want you to have the most relaxing and fun experience possible, so if you and your partner are looking for something low-key and adventurous, then I know the places, the vendors and the areas for you.

I’m excited to hear from you…


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