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Two day elopement at Tre Cime National Park and Lago di Braies

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A couple stand in the middle of the frame embracing during their elopement. They are framed by the jagged, mist covered mountain peaks of Tre Cime in the Italian Dolomites. They are wearing a black tuxedo and white wedding dress.

K&W’s 2 day elopement at Tre Cime National Park and Lago di Braies is the best example of what can be done with two days and multiple locations. Tre Cime and Lago di Braies are the most commonly requested areas for photos and elopements in the Dolomites. Therefore, if you’ve been doing a ton of research on these spots and want to see how you can combine both, K&W’s 2 day timeline is iconic.

The couple eloped just the two of them, and really prioritized lots of time immersing in each location. Additionally, they wanted a very slow, easy morning getting ready, without compromising time at any one of the 3 locations we visited.

K&W’s two day Dolomites elopement timeline:

One thing I like to remind my couples when going with a 2 day package is that you can split the total 16 hours over the two days however you like. That means you put most the time into a really long day, and have a day after shoot, adventure shoot, or any other type of unique extra coverage at another location you fancy. K&W chose to use a half day at Lago di Braies the day before their main day, and it was a great way to meet up, explore and get to know each other! They also chose more casual outfits vs their wedding attire, which I really recommend as well. It adds a ton of variety to your photos.

DAY 1, 4 hours: Shared sunrise slot for private session at the Lago di Braies boathouse

  1. MEET AT 06:15
  2. BOATHOUSE BOOKING 06:30 – 08:00
  3. EXPLORE SOUTH SIDE OF THE LAKE ±08:30 – 10:30
  4. END ±10:30

DAY 2, 12 hours: Tre Cime National Park, hiking, picnic and sunset vows

  1. START  07:00
  3. DRIVE TO TRE CIME 09:00 – 10:30
  4. TRE CIME LOOP TRAIL 10:30 – 14:30
  5. PICNIC 14:30 – 15:30
  6. BREAK / FLEX TIME ±15:30 – 16:30
  8. END ±19:00

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Day 1: half day at Lago di Braies

The private sunrise slots at the Lago di Braies boathouse begin between 6:30 and 8:30am depending on the season (in summer sunrise is very early, for example).

We started at the boathouse, first on the dock and then taking our time rowing around and playing in the boats. The boathouse staff is always super helpful, and there is no pressure to rush. We always have lots of freedom to explore and use the boats.

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After our 1.5 hour slot was over, we left the boathouse and explored the south end of the lake. I really suggest doing the short 20 minute walk because it’s so worth it! You get to see different angles of the lake and explore through the trees. At this end of the lake, the color of the water is even more saturated and striking, and the area is grassy and green just a little ways up the trail.

Day 2: a slow morning getting ready in a chalet and a hiking Tre Cime National Park

Day two was long. This day covered their elopement at Tre Cime National Park. One thing about elopement days is that time goes fast. Think about your last long vacation day where you did a lot — it went by like lightning, right? I know it’s easy to wonder what you might do with 12 entire hours in one day, so take K&W for example.

Starting the morning slowly, with a good breakfast, warm fire and hair and makeup was a massive priority to them. They didn’t want to start off their day super early or in a rush. For a calm and luxurious space, they rented out a chalet. These chalets are some of my favorites in the entire area, and are a top place I recommend booking! They are multi level with beautiful rooms and lots of natural light, a sauna, catered food, bathtub and balcony.

Breakfast, hair and makeup, writing vows and sipping coffee in their chalet

Once we left the chalet, we drove the 1 hour to Tre Cime National Park. Then, we started off by hiking the Tre Cime Loop Trail. In my experience, this typically takes 4-5 hours, depending on how fast we go and the amount of places we stop to enjoy the views. Moreover, this is also one of the few areas in the Dolomites where I recommend walking the whole way in your wedding attire vs. changing on location. There are no trees, and the trail is mostly open, rocky and wide.

Hiking through Tre Cime National Park, picnic and sunset vows

The path we made through the park is something like a figure 8. Therefore, we circled back around to the parking lot before heading out the Cadini di Misurina trail, making it a great location for a break and picnic.

Since the first hike is quite long, this is a natural resting point in the timeline. Here, they read family letters and setup up a picnic with one of my picnic baskets, full of food and treats they gathered the day before.

A couple sit having a picnic in the middle of the frame, reading letters during their elopement. They are framed by the jagged, mist covered mountain peaks of the Cadini di Misurina range in Tre Cime national park.

Finally, with the sun setting and the light becoming golden and soft, we headed out to the Cadini di Misurina viewpoint. This is the location they chose to read their vows at. Because of the light rain earlier in the day, the park had cleared out a lot and we were the only ones out there. It was quiet, calm and serene as they exchanged vows and rings.

K&W’s two day elopement at Tre Cime National Park and Lago di Braies is an example of my favorite timeline with these two locations. We covered a lot of ground (literally) but at a pace which never felt rushed, or became too physically demanding.

The slow start to their elopement day at the chalet set the pace, and the whole thing flowed like a dream!

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What K&W have to say:

A couple stand in the middle of the frame holding out their hands to show their wedding rings. They are framed by the jagged, mist covered mountain peaks of the Cadini di Misurina range in Tre Cime national park. They are wearing a black tux and wedding dress, posing for their elopement photos.

Where do I even begin? From the very moment we met with Mariah over Zoom to discuss what we had in mind for our elopement, we knew she was the perfect photographer for us. Not only is her portfolio literally Pinterest-worthy, but we immediately knew that she is someone that we want to spend our elopement day with.

Mariah was involved in the entire planning process from giving us accommodation and vendor suggestions, providing helpful guides, and coordinated several check-in meetings before the big day. Even leading up to the day, she gave us suggestions on what to pack and wear, when the forecast was looking cold and rainy. Additionally, Mariah came prepared with picnic supplies, blankets, and clear umbrellas. We were beyond prepared for our big day.

We dreamed of a Dolomites hiking elopement to capture our love for travel and exploration together. We booked a day and a half with Mariah, with the first half-day at Lago di Braise and the second full day for our formal wedding shoot and vow exchange at Tre Cime and Cadini di Misurina. We highly recommend a similar experience for anyone wanting to elope in the Dolomites. The backdrop was breathtaking!

We received our sneak peaks of over 150 photos quickly after 10 days and we are OBSESSED! Mariah perfectly captured our love and the beauty of the Dolomites. We are totally awestruck with the quality and quantity of photos we received. They are beautifully composed (even our very last shots when we were fighting with daylight are perfect). She also remembered the ideas that we had for specific shots and made sure she captured our vision. The only downside of eloping with Mariah is that we now want her to travel with us for any future photoshoots.

Mariah genuinely made our elopement day extra special. We can’t imagine our day with a different photograph. To say she is talented, is an absolute understatement! We will cherish our photos forever.

— Katie & Willy, Dolomites, September 2023

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More images from this two day elopement at Tre Cime National Park:

A couple stand far away in the center of the frame. They are standing on the wooden dock of the Lago di Braies boathouse, with the dramatic Dolomites mountains reflected in the crystal clear water.
A couple stand far away and tiny in the distance, surrounded by the jagged, mist covered mountain peaks of the Cadini di Misurina range in Tre Cime national park. They are wearing a black tux and wedding dress, posing for their elopement photos.


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