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What does a Dolomites elopement in July look like?

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A couple stand in front of the rocky spire of Cinque Torri in the Dolomites, reading elopement vows. They are framed by big yellow flowers in the foreground.

A Dolomites elopement in July is summed up in one word: wildflowers! It’s in the beginning of July when the grass is usually greenest and the flowers at their peak. Therefore, the last week of June through mid-July is the best time for wildflower conditions on your elopement day. It does of course vary from year to year, as well as with rainfall.

The great thing is you don’t need to hike to see wildflowers in the Dolomites. They are everywhere! Later in July, they tend to be their most vibrant at higher elevations, and that’s when you should take a gongola if you don’t want to hike. Check out the Dolomiti Superski website for all the summer lifts in the area.

What is typical weather for a Dolomites elopement in July?

July weather in the Dolomites is the warmest and wettest it gets all year. Days can start off clear, with afternoon thunderstorms common. Then things calm down and clear up again in late afternoon. Don’t let the afternoon rain scare you off — due to July’s long and warm days, it’s a great month to elope here. Just be prepared for anything, including rainbows.

→ If you want a full breakdown of Dolomites weather month to month, check out this blog here.

A&S’s Dolomites elopement in July

A&S reached out to me only two months before their Dolomites elopement in July. That means we pulled things together pretty last minute! The great thing about elopements though, is they are about 10% as complicated as planning a traditional wedding, so last minute elopements are pretty easy to pull off if you’re flexible.

Once they had their hotel booked, they only had to find a hair and makeup artist (which I helped with), and the rest was outfit coordination. It all came together quickly and with pretty minimal stress. They chose a location which was easy to arrive at, and they spent half the day getting ready and enjoying a picnic. For their evening vow ceremony, we took a gondola up to a scenic area and hiked down. We only had to wait until the mist and rain cleared, and the rest of the evening we had dry and sunny skies.

That left us with some really beautiful cloud conditions, vibrant wildflowers and even a couple of rainbows.

All that is to say, yes — rain is possible and even likely during a Dolomites elopement in July. But it doesn’t mean it will ruin the photos or the experience! Clouds and rain can make some incredible conditions in the Dolomites. Those typical afternoon summer storms are nothing to fear, and if you embrace the weather and plan accordingly, there are lots of creative ways to make the most of it.

What A&S have to say:

“A day we will never forget! Mariah not only took amazing photos of us, she helped curate the perfect elopement day for us and made sure it was everything we imagined. I didn’t think it would be possible to pull off planning our elopement in 6 weeks, but Mariah encouraged and supported us the entire time and provided helpful timelines and suggestions so we could get everything done. Not only did she share resources and recommendations, she even helped me secure and picked up my bridal bouquet and provided us with hiking backpacks and umbrellas on the day. Mariah was always super communicative and responsive to all our messages even with it being the busy elopement season.

With the full day package, we were able to fit a first look, special picnic, hiking around the area and drinks in the mountain hut without feeling rushed. Mariah is so fun and friendly and she makes you forget you’re taking pictures and instead captures the joy you experience on your day. Our elopement day had some rain and fog, but Mariah’s positivity helped keep us excited and having fun throughout the day – and we even got to see a rainbow at the end of it. I am so happy we went forward with our elopement and Mariah is a huge part of that! On top of getting a gallery of BEAUTIFUL sneak peaks photos within a week of our elopement, we also got to take home Polaroids and videos that Mariah captured behind the scenes.

If you want a special day with your partner that’s completely curated with what you like and spectacular photos from an experienced and fun photographer, then Mariah is your girl. We can’t thank her enough!”

— Aimee & Stephan, Dolomites, July 2023

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More images from a Dolomites elopement in July:

A couple in champagne colored wedding dress and linen suit stand on top of a grassy and misty mountain in the Dolomites during their July elopement, nuzzling noses.
A couple in champagne colored wedding dress and linen suit walk down a gravel trail toward a tall rocky mountain peak and a rainbow in the Dolomites during their July elopement
A couple in champagne colored wedding dress and linen suit stand on top of a rocky outcropping in the Dolomites during their July elopement, looking at one another
A couple stands far in the frame, surrounded by the rocky mountain peaks and green hills of the Italian Dolomites, framed by yellow wildflowers.




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