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How to Elope: Choosing a Suit Color for your Elopement Day

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A man with a mustache and pink suit stands near the Drangarnir overlook during his Faroe Islands elopement. He is smiling at the camera and carrying a large orange backpack.

PSA for guys, gals and everyone in between: you do not have to wear a black tuxedo for your elopement day! I repeat: when choosing a suit color for your elopement, it does not need to be black!

It’s happened multiple times: the Suit Wearing Type has internalized that weddings mean white dresses and black tuxes. The look is plastered on stickers, cake toppers and all matter of wedding paraphernalia. So when it comes time to choose a suit color, Suit Wearing Type is on autopilot, browsing bland black tuxedos.


So, for the vastly underserved Suit Wearing Type, here is a wedding blog for you. Here are important questions and tips to guide your suit color decision making.

Black suits are not the best color for wedding or elopement photos

If this is an important point for you, here is my professional opinion. As a photographer, light is the most important element in photography. Literally, it is maybe the ONLY element of photography. The thing about black is, it absorbs all the light.

For that reason, it tends to render flat and featureless in photos. Put that next to a bright white dress that reflects light outdoors with the strength of a million suns, you end up with a visually disjointed subject.

Black suits and tuxes are hard to photograph next to bright white wedding dresses. They also are quite harsh and stiff for the vibe of outdoor elopements. You’ll always be the darkest thing in the frame, and it just doesn’t look as good as a lighter grey, blue or stone color.

Questions to ask yourself when choosing a suit color

Where you are eloping?

Different locations will have different color schemes. Consider the location you’ll be at, and which colors will compliment the surroundings.

When are you eloping?

Time of year can change the look of a place a lot. You may consider more “spring” colors to match the blooming wildflowers and greenery, vs. “fall/winter” colors when leaves start to change.

Do you want to blend in, or stand out?

You can go with colors that match the scenery, or intentionally contrast against it. This makes your look overall more bold and eye-catching.

What are the colors of your partner’s outfit?

If your partner already has ideas in mind, or has their outfit picked out, consider what looks good against that. If you’re not super partial to any one look, let them pick their aesthetic first. Then you can just sync up with them!

Which colors do you look best in?

There is an entire TikTok subgenre of people who go get their “colors” professionally picked out. All that is to say, some colors are going to compliment your skin, eyes and hair better than others. Usually, people know at least one of these colors (or just ask your partner/auntie/mom). Pick a color that enhances your skin’s natural undertones and brings out your eyes.

Most importantly when choosing a suit color…which colors make you feel confident?

Maybe most importantly, pick colors you feel good in. Yeah, pink suit guy is a vibe, but pink suit guy also HAS a vibe. If that vibe is not you, then don’t feel pressure to be someone your not. This is your wedding day, and your experience and comfort is the most important thing. If you’re choosing a suit color circle and keep circling back to that black tux, then damn it, rock that black tux! I’m here for it.

Suit colors other than black that look awesome for outdoor elopements and work for everyone

  • Olive and forest greens
  • Navy and baby blues
  • Stone tones

Suit brands as seen in this blog:

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A man wearing a pink suit picks up his partner in a white wedding dress with dramatic sea cliffs in the background
A closeup of a man showing the inside of his brownish green suit jacket, which has a moody floral design inside
A couple stand in front of Burg Eltz during their elopement in Germany. The man is wearing an olive green suit with plaid tie and brown dress shoes.




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