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This is a photo of couple eloping at Eibsee during sunrise. They are leaning on a large, triangle shaped boulder. There is a deep green lake surrounding by trees and tall mountain peaks in the background.

An Eibsee sunrise elopement is an ideal choice for anyone wanting a ceremony location somewhere easy to access and extremely beautiful. Sunrise not only gives you great light and more stable weather conditions, it’s also far less busy, so you can have a bit of privacy.

Choosing Eibsee for wedding photos or an elopement location does mean you’ll need to share the views with others, however. It’s an extremely famous and popular location. Therefore, if privacy is a huge priority, consider choosing a different area to spend the busier part of the day.

This is a photo of couple eloping at Eibsee during sunrise. They are standing, facing each other, near a deep green lake surrounding by trees and tall mountain peaks in the background. The mountains are misty. They are holding hands.

Once you park, there are a number of incredible view points along the lake. Don’t be put off by all the overdressed German hikers and their nordic trekking poles though; the trail is an easy, flat and well maintained gravel path. In summer, you can easily walk it in sandals.

My favorite viewpoints do require a short trek off the main trail and through the woods, where it can be steeper and muddier. It’s a good idea to wear hiking boots or tennis shoes for your Eibsee sunrise elopement, while carrying your dress shoes to change into later.

This is an image of a couple eloping at Eibsee. The woman is standing on a stone beach, facing toward the camera, holding a bouquet and wearing a long, light pink dress and sweater. The husband is shown walking in slow motion toward her, leaving a blurred light trail behind him.

Another great reason to have an Eibsee sunrise elopement is the great timing for catching the Zugspitze cable car up the mountain. In summer months, you’ll have 2-3 hours of sunrise light around the lake before the gondola starts running at 08:30. You can easily catch the first car up, and be one of the first to explore the “top of Germany” that day.

As you ride the gondola up, you will be able to look over Eibsee and the surrounding area. A cool fact about the Zugspitze cable car is it is the only gondola in the world of its size which is supported by only one pylon the entire way up! Aside from the views, itt’s an impressive feat of engineering.

This is an image of the view over Eibsee from the Zugspitze cable car. There is an oblong, green lake dotted with small islands and surrounded by thick evergreen trees and mountains. The cable car wires stretch across the right side of the frame.

At the top is a number of restaurants, lookout points and another small cable car over to the glacier. The price to go up with the cable car is €57 per person, and well worth it on a clear day.

Always check the webcams before deciding to go up or not. Remember, the weather in the valley may look a lot different than 2,000 meters up. What looks like clouds in the valley can open up to clear blue skies at the peak!


This is an image of a couple eloping at Lake Eibsee in Germany. They are standing on top of a small rocky hill, holding hands side by side. They are very small in the frame, surrounded by tall evergreen trees, grey boulders and greenish water on an overcast day.
This is an image of a couple eloping at Eibsee during sunrise. They are standing on a narrow path of stones across the lake, kissing. The mountains are tall and snow covered in the background, reflected in the greenish lake.

Looking for an Eibsee Wedding or Elopement Photographer?

Not all elopement photographers are created equal. While great photography is a skill all its own, great photography while trekking mountains, confronting weather and handling the elements is another thing entirely. Doing all that while also creating a light, fun and carefree mood? That’s the trifecta!

I’m Mariah, adventure photographer, mountain athlete and master of dad jokes and wry humor. Places like Eibsee are my office, my home and my gym – and I want to share them with you on your elopement day.

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