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How to Elope in Garmisch at the Zugspitze – a full day example timeline for any season

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This is an image of a couple standing at the top of the Zugspitze summit in their wedding attire. They are holding each other and smiling at the camera with dramatic rocky mountain peaks rising above the clouds below them.

This blog is for couples curious about how to elope in Garmisch at the Zugspitze! The Zugspitze is Germany’s highest summit, and is referred to as “the Top of Germany.” On a clear day, you can see the peaks all across neighboring Austria! It’s my favorite “all ’rounder” location for Germany elopements.

Who is a Zugspitze elopement great for?

The Zugspitze and Eibsee below make this are a super easy to explore location all from one parking lot. The adjacent Eibsee hotel makes it additionally very easy, and Garmisch-Partenkirchen is close by as well, so you always have additional options for accomodation and food.

Eloping at the Zugspitze is perfect for:

✅ Couples who want a variety of locations all packed into one place.

✅ Couples with guests who need easy accessibility to the summit.

✅ Couples who don’t mind less privacy for more accessibility

✅ Couples who want a little bit of snow in their photos (applies almost all year round!)

Check out the live webcams all over the summit here to see for yourself: Zugspitze webcams


When you’re planning an elopement from overseas, it can be hard to imagine just how feasible everything you want is! All the photos in this blog are from a REAL elopement day at the Eibsee/Zugspitze area, and took place over 8-9 hours. Apart from the small drive to Ehrwald for the waterfall photos, everything here was accessible by foot and cable car once parked.

8-10 hour full day elopement timeline:

  4. EXPLORE ZUGSPITZE 08:30-10:30
  6. RETURN DOWN TO EIBSEE 11:30-12:00
  7. EIBSEE TRAIL & VOW CEREMONY: 12:30-15:30
  9. END COVERAGE: ~17:30

How to Elope in Garmisch at the Zugspitze FAQs:

  1. How much do cable car tickets cost?
    • the one time ascent/descent adult ticket price is €57 – see here
  2. What is the weather like on the summit?
    • on average, 5-10 degrees colder than the valley, not factoring wind chills. Even in summer you’ll need an extra layer or jacket up here.
  3. Is it worth going up if it’s cloudy?
    • Check the webcams – sometimes the clouds sit at an elevation below the summit height, and so once the cable car rises above the clouds, you’re in full sun!
  4. What can you do at the top of the summit?
    • There are multiple cafes, restaurants and museums on the summit. You can also rent toboggans on the glacier most times of year. Aside from that, you can bring a picnic and hike around to your heart’s content.
  5. Is the cable car wheelchair accessible?
    • Yes; but call ahead to discuss your specific needs.
  6. What are the Zugspitze operating hours?
    • The cable car runs from 8:30 to 16:45. Sadly, that means no sunrise or sunset views are possible on the summit.

What to do while eloping at the Zugspitze: build a snowman and explore the views

Once you reach the Zugspitze summit, you can head over to the glacier with the additional cable car and walk around. This area is popular for skiing and tobogganing as well! Because the Zugspitze sits at such a high elevation, there is snow *almost* year round. If you come anytime from September to May, you’re almost guaranteed to see snow.

This is a collage of images of a couple building a snowman on top of the Zugspitze summit during their elopement day. They are wearing light colored wedding attire.

Imagine on a warmer summer or fall day, enjoying the emerald green and mossy forests surrounding Eibsee below, then heading up to the summit for snow angels!

This location offers so much – and you don’t even have to drive to a new location. It’s all accessible from one parking lot, and great for couples eloping alone or with family.

What to do while eloping at the Zugspitze: explore the Eibsee trail and say your vows in a secret location

The Eibsee lake trail is a high traffic, well maintained gravel trail that begins directly from the hotel or parking lot. It can be walked year round. The best locations are off the beaten path, however, so bring your hiking boots anyway. There are some “secret” locations through the woods to beautiful viewpoints that are far less crowded.

PRO TIP: water levels change a lot over the year. In summer, this islet is not at all accessible without wet feet and legs! But by late winter, water levels are so low you can walk across the stones. In summer you can rent kayaks and SUPs on the lake, which are a lot of fun.

We hiked to my usual spot along the lake, which follows a hard to find and winding path through the woods. The trail pops out along the water, right next to Eibsee’s most famous hidden view point. On this particular chilly Friday, we didn’t see a single other person.

It was the perfect, private spot for a vow ceremony location.

After a short and emotional ceremony, S&M exchanged rings and celebrated with champagne.

This is an image of a couple eloping at Eibsee near the Zugspitze in Garmisch-Partenkirchen. It is a winter day and the lake is frozen. It's snowing and there is a small cabin on an islet behind them. Then are embracing in a kiss.

What to do while eloping near Garmisch-Partenkirchen: twilight portraits under a waterfall

With the sun getting low, it was starting to get colder and we worked our way back through the woods to the car. Just 20 minutes away from Eibsee is an impressive waterfall just off the road, and was the perfect place to end the day.

We dug out some lanterns to light the way, and checked out the waterfall.

This is a photo of a couple sitting under a snowy waterfall on their elopement day. They are sitting on a large boulder with two warm lanterns by their side. The waterfall is flowing past them and they're staring off to the left of the frame.

To end this Garmisch elopement, the sky finally cleared, rewarding us with a bright yellow moon.


How to hire a local Garmisch elopement photographer

Hire local and get you a photographer who can “do both”! I’m Mariah, elopement photographer, trail athlete, and part mountain goat. I’m uncompromising in delivering the BEST elopement experience possible to my couples. I am dedicated to creating immersive spaces for my couples to be themselves on their elopement day. More than a photographer, I am an empath and storyteller who’s passionate about holding space for my couples to connect. I don’t pose you. I guide you through romantic connection, with the goal that you know each other even better, and feel even closer, at the end of your elopement day.

You should be able to feel your photos in your bones, and your elopement story should be like lightning in a bottle every time you revisit it.

Does this sound like the kind of “f*ck yes!” experience you want on your day? Then let’s talk.


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