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“Minimony.” Other than being really fun to say three times fast (go ahead, try it) what is a minimony? How is it different than a micro wedding, or an intimate wedding, or an elopement wedding? There are so many terms floating around, it’s easy to get confused or overwhelmed trying to label your dream wedding […]

What is a minimony vs a micro wedding vs elopement

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When you’re from a small midwest town, becoming an adventure elopement photographer takes some work. Where I grew up, there wasn’t much a-happenin’ and it took a big imagination to bring big adventures to life. Small town, rural Michigan doesn’t have mountains or oceans. But it does have the woods and “up north.” I spent […]

Adventure Elopement Photographer Mariah Arianna – My Origin Story

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Europe is full of incredible places to see, but you already know that, don’t you? So how do you pick? These 5 fundamental points will help you consider the most important points. Choosing an elopement location in Europe, step 1: what kind of weather do you prefer most? This is crucial because sometimes our wanderlust […]

How to choose an elopement location in Europe: 5 quick steps

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I’m an LGBTQ+ and Leave No Trace Elopement Photographer. If you want to know what drives me, I mean really pushes me from the core of my being, it’s my commitment to quality and keeping it real. Real love, real life, real talk. I don’t believe in showing up halfway, so when you book me, […]

My Promise as an LGBTQ+ and Leave No Trace Elopement Photographer: a note on values, philosophy and awareness

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Having your wedding photos at Burg Eltz means a 100% chance of the most romantic, dreamy, fairy tale vibes imaginable. This is a location for wedding photos that would make even Cinderella jealous. S&F booked their elopement almost exactly a year before the date, making the entire thing stress free and super chill. I loved […]

Fairy Tale Wedding Photos at Burg Eltz, Germany

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Germany Elopements

Medieval castles, the Bavarian Alps, snowy winter lodges and the Black Forest – Germany has endless dreamy locations to get married. Germany is an ideal place to get married or elope with a small, meaningful wedding ceremony. For those passionate about nature, each other, and a good Hefeweizen, here’s a list of the best places […]

Where to Get Married or Elope in Germany

Sunrise elopement wedding Hintersee

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