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Tre Cime Elopement Story | K&B’s Post Wedding Dolomites Shoot

Planning a Tre Cime Elopement is a lot of work. Weather can be unpredictable, travel unstable, and planning a bit difficult. Each season brings its pros and cons, but they are all beautiful.

If your heart is SET on exploring the Tre Cime National Park during your elopement day, let K&B’s post wedding elopement shoot be your inspiration.

You deserve to know long in advance what to expect from your photos, rain or shine, summer or fall.

The Tre Cime Trail

A couple hold each other as they sit on a boulder under the three Tre Cime  peaks during summer elopement in the Dolomites

Weather in the Dolomites can change quickly. Even in summer, be prepared with a warm fleece to layer under a rain jacket. Before K & B’s adventure near Tre Cime, it had rained heavily the entire morning, and we were afraid it would be too wet to venture out for their sunset after wedding shoot!

Miraculously, the rain stopped 2 hours before sunset, and we explored the Tre Cime trail from the Auronzo hut parking lot in dry, misty and moody conditions. K & B’s Tre Cime elopement story unfolded so naturally along the trail.

It was perfect.

An adventurous couple stands on a rock in the Dolomites, with Cadini di Misurina across the valley. The bride is holding her dress up, revealing her hiking boots, and holding a cream colored wide brim had.

We began the shoot by exploring the trail near the Cappella degli Alpini (alpine chapel) which lies between the upper parking lot and the Tre Cime de Lavaredo hut and viewpoint.

The trail is flat, wide and easy to navigate.

The heavy midday rains scared away the day hikers, so we had the entire trail to ourselves for the full 3 hours at an otherwise busy time of year!

Cappella degli Alpini near Tre Cime de Lavaredo hut during a misty, June elopement in the Dolomites

K & B helped each other get ready on the trail (you do not need to wear your wedding attire the whole time!)

It was so calm and silent. The mist danced around us, heaving up and down the stone pillars as if the mountains were breathing.

Couple walks along the Tre Cime trail during their Dolomites elopement

Tre Cime Elopement Story: K & B’s first dance

As we explored the grassy trail looking toward the Cadini di Misurina trailhead, K & B told me the story of their “ruined” first dance at their wedding reception. A mix up with the DJ and one of their guests resulted in the song being cut short, and K was too shy to speak up at the time.

Swearing, she told me how they would love to recreate the moment, just the two of them, in this special place. I smiled. With the mist swirling above the jagged peaks, and a calm breeze lifting her hair, I pulled up the song on my phone, and played it loudly as the two of them began to sway.

couple has their first dance during their elopement adventure near Tre Cime in the Dolomites

With glossy eyes, B twirled and dipped her.

As beautiful as the surroundings were, they were completely wrapped up in each other.

A couple embraces during their wedding day in the Dolomites, the husband's wedding ring shines against the bride's lacy dress.

K turned to me, joy radiating from her face. They finally had their dance. She turned to the horizon, and told me how the lake below, Lago di’ Misurina, was her favorite color blue.

A husband and wife laugh during their Dolomites elopement as they walk along a grassy trail near Tre Cime

Meanwhile, the sun was setting lower, and it was time to walk further along the trail to say their vows.

a bride walks in her wedding dress along the Tre Cime hiking trail on her elopement day, with the Cadini di Misurina peaks far in the background
Dolomites landscape photo showing the peaks of the Tre Cime National Park

The landscape had us all in a trance. No matter where we looked, was the epic, overpowering presence of the Dolomites. Imposing boulders cradled the hopeful remains of winter. Hard, icy blocks of snow dozed near soft patches of green grass and alpine flowers.

It’s a world where opposing seasons exist simultaneously.

The Tre Cime Viewpoint: K & B’s Elopement Vows

The three peaks of Tre Cime de Lavaredo in the Italian Dolomites during an elopement

We hurried past the Lavaredo Rifugio, and up the trail. The sun was setting fast, and they wanted to re-read their vows under the rocky trio.

A couple reads their vows at sunset during their Dolomites elopement
A bride holds her veil in the wind near the Tre Cime view point during their Dolomites elopement
A couple reads their wedding vows under the Tre Cime de Lavaredo peaks during their sunset elopement

The sun cast a pinkish glow to the white rocks, and the sky was a dusty peach color. K & B read their vows against the wind, fighting the chill of dusk.

Bride says her vows in the Sexten Dolomites on the Tre Cime trail
Dolomites elopement sunset vows

To end K & B’s Tre Cime elopement story, they kissed as the last rays of light abandoned the sky. The two were giddy with the successful evening despite hours of rain in the hours before.

We started our descent back down to our cars, happy to be out of the wind.

We chatted about love, life and travel in the 20 minutes walk back, sharing stories and relief that the rain had stopped. K & B’s post wedding elopement adventure was a total success, and they were excited to begin the next few days of exploring the Dolomites on their own.

There was sun and warmth forecasted for the next two days, and we were all stoked to dry out on new trails over the next days.

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