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Should you have a first look on your elopement day?

Honestly, YES, you should have a first look on your elopement day and here is why:

“your elopement deserves to be a sentimental, exciting and noteworthy experience as epic as any wedding day.”

A wedding couple in white and light blue wedding attire stands near a still mountain lake during their elopement first look.

Having a first look on your elopement day creates suspense.

It’s helps you both take note of how special this day is.

It gives you space to take each other in.

It’s a pure moment of reaction, where you both can appreciate all the thought you put into your outfits.

And yeah, you’re probably the type of people that don’t get this dressed up all that often – isn’t that something worth hyping up for a moment? Don’t you want to stand there and tell your partner how great their butt looks?? Everyone loves compliments, and this is a great time to shower each other with them. Having a first look on your elopement day sets a great tone for the rest of the day!

Alternatives to a first look on your elopement day:

  • Have a “first touch.” Before you see each other, you can stand on either side of a tree, door or curtain. Talk with each other and hold hands before you see each other.
  • Have a “guest” first look. If you’re inviting your best friends or family, you can also do first looks with them! The reactions are super fun and priceless.
  • Have a prank first look. How surprised would your partner be if they turned around and say you in a T-Rex costume, or their best mate in a dress instead? Embrace your sense of humor and make space for a prank first look!





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