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Where to Elope in Norway (other than the Lofoten islands)

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If you’re wondering where to elope in Norway other than the Lofoten Islands in the far north, you need to know a couple things:

Unlike the rest of Europe and more like the United States, traveling through Norway comfortably requires renting a car.

Tourists to Norway are also quickly surprised how long it takes to drive from location to location. Not only is the country extremely large, but the winding fjords on the western side make travel slow. Additionally, Norway has very strict speeding laws and a top speed on most highways of around 70kmh (50mps).

If you’re planning to elope in Norway, you’ll need to plan for this. Pick a location which has a lot to offer in a relatively small area.

Apart from the Lofoten Islands in the far North, Loenfjord is by far my favorite fjord in Norway!

If you like a more rural travel experience vs. very touristy areas,

Loenfjord is great for renting cute red cabins with a laid back camping-feel.

fjord elopement in norway

And the fjord itself is one of the most stunning

blue-green tones due to the nearby Briksdalsbreen Galcier.

After camping a week here myself, I counted 12 waterfalls

from one viewpoint alone at the Gryta Camping area.

Couple eloping in Norway walk toward a waterfall during fall
couple embrace for their wedding photos in norway

Everywhere you turn is something new to see. One of the most popular areas here is the Briksdalsbreen glacier area. The entire valley is one of the most beautiful places I’ve ever been.

It’s also easy access – you can drive right up and park and walk less than a mile to see the whole area.

You’re surrounded by picture perfect landscapes at every turn. A glacier lies in front of you, a water fall to your right, and a tall mountain peak with a waterfall at your back. The lake is a soft, creamy glacial blue and the green bushes turn bright yellow and red as fall sets in.

You really can’t go wrong taking your elopement photos in Southern Norway, but for the best views in the most compact area, Loenfjord and Briksdalsbreen is the place to be.

You’ll literally find yourself dancing and twirling just to get a view of it all at once!

Rain or shine, Loenfjord is magical.

And unlike the distant and remote Lofoten islands, having your elopement photos in southern Norway means you’re able to travel and see much more of the country on your honeymoon without additional flights.

How to Begin Planning Your Wedding or Elopement in Norway: hire an experienced elopement photographer

Choosing an adventurous wedding is like charting unknown territory. Most likely, no one you know has done something similar, and the logistics and planning can feel overwhelming.

But don’t stress, I’m here to help.

Figuring out exactly where to go in Norway for the best photos is easier when you know where to look. Therefore, hiring an experienced photographer is crucial. I’ve spent weeks traveling Norway picking out the best spots!

So if you find this article helpful, then let’s talk! Now that you know your main options, I’d love to help you plan the most amazing Norway elopement ever.





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