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Golden sunset elopement at Cadini di Misurina, Italian Dolomites

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A couple in wedding clothes stand far in the frame under the dramatic Cadini di Misurina mountain range at sunset, posing for their elopement photos.

A sunset elopement at Cadini di Misurina is a great location for half day coverage. It’s easily accessible by parking lot and an easy 45 minute hike. For couples who truly want something no fuss and simple, this is a prime spot — as long as you’re okay with lots of other people being around. It’s an extremely popular trail in Tre Cime National Park, and there are almost always other photographers and couples around. It’s a big and open space though, so there is usually room for everyone.

If you’re (rightfully) obsessed with this view for your vow ceremony, then T&O’s October sunset elopement at Cadini di Misurina is what it looks like in perfect conditions.

T&O’s golden sunset elopement at Cadini di Misurina in the Italian Dolomites

After 10 years together, T&O reached out to me knowing it was time to do something “official.” They wanted to use their trip to the Dolomites as a chance for a special vow ceremony — something they hadn’t done until now, although they had already been legally married for a couple years. (I mean, hell yeah! Way to do things in the order it works for YOU!)

Early October is one of my favorite weeks of the year in the Dolomites, and that day in particular was especially stunning. It was sunny, warm and calm. The skies were clear and dry, typical of early fall. We met just below the Tre Cime toll road for pizza and drinks at the Chalet Lago d’Antorno.

It was about 3pm when we met, and the air was warm. Even a 1,000 meters up in the park, it was solid tee shirt weather.

T&O decided to hike in their normal clothes and change out on the trail. In my experience, this location is doable either way, but don’t feel like you have to walk the entire thing in your dress. It’s totally fine to get out there first and then change.

O helped T into her dress and she secured his boutonniere to his lapel. We weren’t quite in full view of the Cadini range at this angle, but we already had to stop and admire the views. Visibility that day was high, and the light was warm and soft.

A couple in wedding clothes stand  facing each other in front of the dramatic Cadini di Misurina mountain range at sunset, posing for their elopement photos.

As we rounded the corner up the thin trail, the full glory of the Cadini di Misurina range came into view. We passed quite a few other hikers, each cooing at T’s wedding dress glowing in the sunlight. Already from where we were, I could see a line of people waiting to walk out to the famous ridge trail and viewpoint. I could also see the sun ready to sink below some clouds, and knew we might lose the light soon.

We stopped right there and enjoyed the sunlight, using up a little time before walking down to get in line for the shot. It worked out well, since for the next 55 minutes, the sun hide behind some clouds…and we waited. Groups of 1, 3, and 5 stood in front of us, patiently waiting. While there are always people at this spot, this was definitely the busiest I’d ever seen it. That is absolutely a risk you take for this location! We were fine though, and chatted with the hikers next to us. Finally, when it was our turn, the sun miraculously popped back out and the rest of the line cheered us on!

Photos at the Cadini di Misurina viewpoint

I had given them some tips for posing when out there, knowing they wouldn’t hear me even if I wanted to yell from that far away. They nailed it. Shooting here as much as I do, I am pretty efficient at getting the shots while not taking up too much time for others waiting. I start from far away, then move closer, ending with photos right up close.

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A couple in wedding clothes stand far in the frame under the dramatic Cadini di Misurina mountain range at sunset, posing for their elopement photos.
An Asian couple embrace with their eyes closed in wedding clothes in front of the dramatic Cadini di Misurina mountain range during a golden sunset, posing for their elopement photos.

The thing about this exact spot is you don’t really want to spend too much time out here. There are always just too many people, and they’re looking directly at you the whole time as they wait — not to mention the unidentified drones flying over your head. It is not a great spot for vows. This is a spot where we can have fun and get creative, but I always recommend a nearby spot over the ridge that’s more out of the way for your ceremony.

T&O’s sunset vow ceremony

With the park being so busy this day, the two backup spots I normally have people read their vows at were already occupied. Other hikers and couples taking photos were perched in place, not looking to move anytime soon.

With the light so bright and golden, T&O decided it wasn’t a big deal, and that they’d rather have the golden light as their background instead.

They read their vows there, with the sun setting and the peaks turning orange around them. Although it was a crowded day in the park, we were still able to find a spot where we felt alone. No one bothered us, and by the time the sun faded, most had already left.

We were left alone, the stars brightening in the sky for the night shift, as dusk embraced. Knowing the conditions were so clear, we brought out sparklers to enjoy under the twilight. T had brought a traditional red Chinese dress with to honor her heritage during the shoot, and it was a beautiful tribute to end the evening with.

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An Asian couple pose for a trippy inverted mountain range image in a traditional red Chinese dress and blue suit. They are pointing at each other in front of the dramatic Cadini di Misurina mountain range for their elopement photos.

What T&O have to say:

“We could not recommend Mariah enough! We found her (pretty randomly) through a google search and if you are also finding her this way, your search can stop now! She was AMAZING – my husband and I did our elopement photos with her and not only did the photos turn out absolutely spectacular, but Mariah was with us every step of the way – navigating travel itineraries, giving us packing tips, day-of timelines, advice for eloping in an entirely different continent, location spots, and so much more. On the day of the shoot, she was our travel guide, hiking partner, seamstress, and went above and beyond to make sure that we were comfortable and that we had the best experience possible. Honestly, we weren’t just impressed with her professionalism and her artistry, but she’s also just a really dang cool person who is genuinely fun to spend time with. As someone who used to do photography as a business and prefers to be behind the camera at all times, I was so pleasantly surprised at how much fun we had and could not have asked for a better experience.”

— Tina & Oscar, Cadini di Misurina elopement, October 2023

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