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An Elopement Wedding in the Bavarian Alps

Anastasiya & Tyler are a sweet, down to earth military couple who reached out to me in the middle of the COVID chaos of 2020. They wanted to have an epic elopement wedding in the Bavarian Alps, but had no idea where to start…

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A & T are both stationed in Germany through the US Army. Like lots of military couples, they had to get married in order to stay stationed together, and it meant they never got to celebrate in the way they imagined. This is a fairly common reason couples choose to elope, and helping them craft a day that honors their bond and makes it special is something I take very seriously! For couples who don’t get to have the typical Proposal > Plan a Big Ballroom Wedding > Wedding Day > Honeymoon sequence, eloping is a chance to take back your wedding day and make it BETTER than you imagined!

For A & T, that means they wanted to have a meaningful, adventurous day exploring the Bavarian Alps just the two of them…they just had no idea how to start planning it since they were both totally new to Germany!

So over the next months, we put together a timeline for a two day adventure PACKED with everything Berchtesgarden National Park in Germany has to offer.

Being able to see and explore the new country these two military service members moved to was important to them. They wanted their elopement day full of sights and mountains, alpine lakes and waterfalls.

I think it’s safe to say that the two days we planned DELIVERED!

We started day one along the Hintersee, a small aquamarine and turquoise colored lake tucked behind the area’s iconic peak. During the day, the easy access trail around the lake is packed with tourists, cyclists and hikers. But if you wake up early for sunrise, you’re guaranteed to have a peaceful morning just like this one.

The sunrise on this day was absolutely stunning. Of all the times I’ve been to this location, this clear and misty, early October sunrise was one for the books. The mist was set ablaze by the rising sun as A & T danced to their own private light show.

After the soft amber glow faded into a crisp autumn day, they got changed and we headed up the mountain on the Blaueishutte trail, just behind the Hintersee parking area. Along the way, we stopped at the Schärtenalm for a beer and then stopped all the way at the top for hot food at the Blaueishutte guest house.

Once we were warm and full, we headed over to an incredible overlook to peer down at the Hintersee, where we were at for sunrise.

A & T whispered emotional vows as the sun set lower, and then popped open the champagne to celebrate their new beginning.

Although they had been married on paper at this point for well over a year, THIS was the moment it was real to THEM.

The next day we continued exploring the area, and boarded a boat across the Königsee. From the lake, we got to see the towering peaks of the Berchtesgardnerland from a totally different perspective. Halfway along, the captain stopped and played a traditional trumpet song. The sharp notes bellowed through the valley and bounced along the cliffs, creating an ethereal echo that left his instrument and travelled back to us in a symphony.

Once we arrived at the other end, we explored the trails and met up with some of the locals (the cows) 😉

The clear skies of the day before were gone, but the even overcast skies made for a beautiful moody atmosphere.

What the couple has to say:

Anastasiya: “Oh my! Where to even start!! Elopements are scary, going against traditional ESPECIALLY in a foreign country with no understanding of the language. But believe me when I tell you that this was the once in a lifetime experience I’ve been waiting for and tops ANY wedding. This type of ceremony is considered an “elopement” but this is way more intimate than any wedding could offer! These type of photos give such life to the environment and the special day. But first and foremost, it’s all about the photographer and how comfortable you are with the photographer. Mariah is TRULY one of a kind. Trust me on this, she was MEANT for this. This is her calling. She’s not just someone with a hobby or side gig, this is her passion, this is her career path! The time, effort, planning, and passion that went into each of our poses, angles, ambiance, lighting, and editing is priceless! Mariah makes you feel so comfortable for even the shyest of people (like my husband and I), so comfortable and free in front of the lens! She took the stress away by not only being such an amazing photographer, but also by being a bridesmaid, a friend, and a wedding planner on some portions. With Mariah, you’re not just hiring a photographer, you’re hiring someone that takes your vision to the highest quality of vision to create a life long memory of the best wedding experiences. The dedication she has to researching the BEST and most BREATHTAKING views/venues is by far more than ANY other photographer would ever go. I mean seriously!! How many photographers do you know that would climb a mountain not one but TWICE! As you can see, I can go on ALL day about how precious and ORIGINAL Mariah is! Overall, Mariah, on this day, captures every pure moment of bliss on such a special day while making you feel comfortable and as if you’re with a family or friend. I will NEVER forget this experience, the positive emotions, the awe, and the type of professional she is. She gives the ultimate gift and power to your elopement photos that take everyone’s breath away!”

Tyler: “Mariah is super personable and will actually get you to enjoy having your picture taken after the experience with her! As a guy, I’m not a fan of having my picture taken at all BUT through the trials and triumphs that came with our photoshoot, Im super happy with the way the photos turned out! If only everyone knew what it took to get those photos lol! It also really helps that she speaks English and German! Looking forward to working with Mariah again!”

How to Begin Planning Your Adventure Session: hire an experienced adventure photographer

Choosing an adventurous wedding or elopement is like charting unknown territory. Most likely, no one you know has done something similar, and the logistics and planning can feel overwhelming.

But don’t stress, I’m here to help.

Figuring out your elopement wedding in the Bavarian Alps is easier when you know where to look. Therefore, hiring an experienced elopement photographer is crucial. I live in these areas and specialize in the type of wedding you’re bravely choosing.

If you find this article helpful, then let’s talk! Now that you know your main options, I’d love to help you plan the most amazing elopement ever.

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