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My Promise as an LGBTQ+ and Leave No Trace Elopement Photographer: a note on values, philosophy and awareness

I’m an LGBTQ+ and Leave No Trace Elopement Photographer. If you want to know what drives me, I mean really pushes me from the core of my being, it’s my commitment to quality and keeping it real. Real love, real life, real talk.

I don’t believe in showing up halfway, so when you book me, you get all of me. You get my passion, my undivided attention, my best effort, my bad puns and dad jokes. You get my distinctly Midwestern American tendency to help in every situation–and ‘ope’ my way out of the rest. I don’t water down my “me-est” me, and I don’t believe in being anyone but my 100% unapologetic self…

I don’t expect my clients to be any different.

So let me say it straight up: I stand behind all love. ALL love. I stand behind my LGBTQ+ couples. I stand behind BLM, diversity and equity. I stand behind plus size, petite size and every size. I stand behind environmental sustainability. I stand behind any idea, person or practice that fights to create a better, safer, more equitable Earth for each of us as we are, and our futures.

I promise:
– to embrace diversity and equality in my work
– to acknowledge pronoun usage, and respect boundaries
– to ask for permission, rather than forgiveness
– to practice Leave No Trace ethics in the outdoors
– to communicate, educate and lead
– to provide the highest quality I am capable of, no matter what
– to help connect people with the outdoors and their truest, wildest nature

I commit myself to knowing better and doing better, and I value life long learning, life long relationships and honest conversation. Every step of the way, it’s my greatest concern to provide the best experience possible.

I’m here, and I’m listening.


How to Begin Planning Your Wedding or Elopement: hire an experienced elopement photographer

Choosing an adventurous wedding is like charting unknown territory. Most likely, no one you know has done something similar, and the logistics and planning can feel overwhelming.

But don’t stress, I’m here to help.

Eloping is a statement of values, so it’s crucial to find a photographer who aligns with yours. I specialize in the type of wedding you’re bravely choosing and am passionate about giving couples an alternative to the “big” wedding. As an LGBTQ+ and Leave No Trace Elopement Photographer, I’m dedicated to making your experience the safest, most supportive and sustainable one I can.

If you find this article helpful, then let’s talk! Now that you know your main options, I’d love to help you plan the most amazing elopement ever.





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